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        1. SOMK

          It’s a well know FACT Dumbass that 80,000 people have never been wrong about anything ever, that in all recorded history no popular thing has ever been bad and having a large penis makes you a superior human being full stop, even if the person with the smaller penis would never eat cheese and onion crisps on public transport and you do it habitually.

          1. SOMK

            Besides everything is ‘bought’ on some level, that’s capitalism, suck it up, you’re favourite chat show guest is only there on the TV to sell a book, they’d probably hate you in real life.

            I mean if you’ve just done a poo and you need toilet paper do you insist on it being unbought, oh I suppose you expect it just fell off the tree, pulped and processed itself, hitched a lift to your gaff, rolled all the way up to your bathroom door then jumped up your backside at the first sign of a teddy’s paw?

            Give me a break!

  1. SOMK

    Never watch these videos, just like to look at the picture and imagine how superior I’d feel whilst watching it, I also own generic items of clothing but you don’t see me honing in on this as the most acute and definitive aspect of myself and leveraging it as a platform for a series of innocuous yet profoundly irritating online videos -because ultimately they speak of a death of culture, where the wonder of affordable, instant, frictionless communication is being trumped by the dystopian fact most people are using this never previously known medium of nigh-infinite potential to either argue with strangers or mimic day time TV filler as their output- in which I consciously communicates FACTS whilst unconsciously invite urbanites who know nothing about farming to project their personal misery and moral inconsistency into bile-ful comments on internet forums about me because I’m a definitely not sexual masochist and LIVE for it.

    All the same fair play to him for putting himself out there, can’t be easy, I hope he doesn’t get run over by a truck.

    1. why?

      Get before me, Satan

      PS what time does the ritual flagellation of Clampers commence? I’ve brought a brickbat today

      1. I post things vaguely related to the image/subject

        He got retweeted by Angela Nagle.
        While we’re at it, Denis Naughten got retweeted by Naomi Klein.
        Weird old world.

          1. I post things vaguely related to the image/subject

            An academic, who recently published a book called ‘Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars From 4Chan And Tumblr To Trump And The Alt-Right.’
            This book has been getting a lot of exposure in left wing media, both here and stateside. And certain right wing circles, considering the subject matter.

    2. Lush

      I must share the blame.
      Was thinking to myself it had been a while since we’d seen him on BS.
      And lo and behold..
      I am truly sorry.

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