Red Brick Tease


Milverton, Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Grace Garvey writes:

My dream home, Milverton on Herbert Park, has been lying idle for four years now.

It was bought at auction in 2013 for €4.6 million by a solicitor on behalf of a mystery client and has been shuttered up since.

It’s a gorgeous Edwardian house that’s beginning to show some signs of neglect (The photo above doesn’t do it justice).


Empty gaffs to marked ‘Empty Gaffs’

11 thoughts on “Red Brick Tease

  1. Salmon of Nollaig

    Nice house, but that part of Dublin is spooky. Weird churches and so forth. I think de Valera also lived there (nice area for a part-time maths teacher, Eamon). Charles Augustus Milverton was a villain in the Sherlock Homes (sic) books. Buy at your peril!

    1. Zoella

      That’s interesting, Salmon. The real-life character who inspired Milverton was supposedly a blackmailer and predator who had his throat slit. Nice!

    2. Papi

      Kareem Abdul Jabaar, the basketball player, has written a whole series of books on Mycroft Holmes, Sherlocks brother. Now for ya. And they’re actually quite good.

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