Seen You Coming


Róisín Coogan writes:

Recently the government brought back the free glass/dentist visit under the PRSI benefits scheme (I think its 42 euro they are giving towards the specs).

As somebody who has purchased two pairs of glass from Specsavers over the last year I’m familiar with the layout of the shop so when I was in one of their branches on Saturday I was interested to see they have removed the 59 euro range glasses and are only displaying 89 euro and up.

After asking where the 59 euro range had disappeared too I was told they are now being stored behind a picture of women wearing glasses in a locker. I wonder if this is going on in all the Specsavers throughout the country…?


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26 thoughts on “Seen You Coming

  1. postmanpat

    Its the same with the creches, relief was given and the creches put up the original price so you save very little. Tax man takes a hit. Private business profits. We pay more tax and around an around we go. Specsavers will claim the “admin costs” or running the scheme (paper cuts and hole punch injuries) warrant the price hike. Then Catherine Zippo (who is a hero of the people and defiantly not a corporate shill with hidden interests in businesses that will profit from these type social schemes paid for by the taxpayer) will fly in guns blazing and threatening to kick certain businesses off the scheme if they hike prices. then .. Media coverage ,,, Zippo the hero, what a gal! etc.. attention dies down, no business is kicked off the scheme. prices remain higher but the tax payer is paying so who cares? right? just like the creches. plebs go back to watching TV.

  2. Jiyko

    Zenioptics lads. They’ll make the glasses to your prescription for less then a tenner. Less than a fiver during sales. Only issue is they are being shipped from Hong Kong.

  3. pooter

    Forget about specsavers, order online at Zenni Optical, way cheaper, and they have 20% off right now for Black Friday

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Thank you for that. I’ve been looking for a new pair and haven’t been able to justify splashing put 200 quid at this time of year

    2. The Ghost of Starina

      Thank you. I’ve been wearing scratched glasses for months now waiting for the annual christmas gift card in work just so I can afford new ones.

      capitalism, woo!

  4. maccers

    Might depend on the Specsavers and were it is – I think they are run by different people, just the same branding. The Specsavers I was in last week were actively pointing out the 59 euro range and explaining the returning entitlement to people.

  5. Rainy Day

    Comment re ‘Slanty’ lens from Hong King …I see it is gone now..but …Pr*ck … I did not know racism was funny again ….

  6. Glass Eyed Willy

    As others have said above you’d want to be barking mad to go to spec savers in the first place. The ploys the use to drag your actual spend up are comedic.

  7. phil

    Same thing happened with Gas boilers when the SEAI grant came in… the boiler itself was hiked a bit but the controls and thermostats now cost the same as the boiler…

  8. gorugeen

    I had my eyes tested in specsavers on Henry street. Was told my sight had significantly deteriorated so I needed a special prescription. Was gonna cost 375 quid. Was shocked so got my eyes tested across the road (can’t remember the name of it) and behold but wasn’t my sight only a small bit disimproved. So, off I goes to Specsavers and present this to them. The sales guy came back and said “I don’t know what the fupp they we’re doing, and I’m so pissed off I’m gonna give you your correct prescription in two frames for nada”. Never trusted them after that.

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