Bringing Ballet To The Masses


Ballet Átha Cliath.

Now free to view.

It’s lovely.

Filmmaker Howard Jones writes:

Just wanted to get in touch, if you remember, you guys were good enough to push the fund it campaign and the premiere for my short film Ballet Átha Cliath.

Well, finally, the film is free to watch for all the world (above and at the lovely website designed by the immensely talented Jocelyn Murray-Boyne). Thank you…

Ballet Átha Cliath

Save Poolbeg.

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9 thoughts on “Bringing Ballet To The Masses

        1. Brother Barnabas

          I suppose I should count myself lucky you didn’t cut and paste 3,000 words to make that point.

          1. anne

            that’s right Sybil.. cmere bit hard on yourself calling yourself a scum bag there recently.. just as well it was deleted so you wouldn’t hurt your feelings.. lol

          2. Brother Barnabas

            I actually *think* I might know what you’re trying to suggest… care to spell it out? Am genuinely curious.

  1. Birdie

    Stunning. I really enjoyed it, very beautiful. My baby adored it and wanted me to play it again… the second dance was a particular favourite for us both.

    Well done to all involved!

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