Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT (10pm): Episode 40!


You give us 120 minutes.

We give you two hours of quality chat.

Broadsheet on the Telly returns tonight at 10pm streaming LIVE (above) and on our YouTube channel.

Join a panel of your peers with an adult beverage as we celebrate our 40th episode.

Matters under discussion will include the possible removal of Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald (top with Taoiseach Leo Vardkar) and an insight from Olga into the latest bungling in the Maurice McCabe saga.

‘Blue’ and/or unacceptable language (including words such as ‘fuck’, bollocks’ and ‘twinkle-pooty’) may ensue.


Previously: Broadsheet on the Telly on Broadsheet



Are you replacing a broadcast quality microphone?

We are on the lookout for a reasonably-priced, job lot (if possible) of decent second hands mics for panelists and guests on Broadsheet on the Telly (often beset by audio ‘issues’). Contact Bodger at Thanks.

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43 thoughts on “Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT (10pm): Episode 40!

      1. Game changer

        Fair enough it unlikely to change though as your guests are simply not that interesting or insightful but resembles more a bunch of oul lads mouthing off down the local , that said last week as it happens was the first time I saw it for a while and it has improved a lot

        1. Candy Crush Guru

          I think you should go back and review the last 10 or so Game Changer
          It has most certainly come on since the late Summer
          If it helps at all, I would avoid the one that has Derek Mooney

          1. rotide

            That was literally the only one that had any value at all.

            It hasn’t changed a bit since the first few.

        2. anne

          What do you want? Johnny to do a striptease for us or something…

          Vanessa maybe could put the preposterous wan over her knee and give him a live on the air spanking…& yell “knock it off..tell me you’re sorry” lol. It’s a political discussion not a comedy act.. it’s no less interesting than anything on the telly..but definitely more real. Needs a few more scraps all right though..nearly kicked off last week. A good aul disagreement could get the numbers in.

          1. anne

            that was kinda funny in fairness last week when John said something like.. “loads of evictions so” or something to that effect.. the humour completely lost on Vanessa & Johnny rambling on annoying her too. She does know her stuff in fairness to her.

          2. Kim Cardassian

            Vanessa was waffling. Took it all far too serious and wouldn’t let Johnny make an important point that went over all their heads. Its great when they all fight.

          3. Game changer

            Yeah I found Vanessa a bit long winded but there was a bang of all the other guests talking to hear themselves and not letting Lucky in to comment on any topic that wasn’t relevant to our immigrants. I’d like to hear what Lucky thinks about our politicians etc more than what Johnny Keenan thinks.

          4. Candy Crush Guru

            Waffling might be considered unkind but I would agree Vanessa would do with some direct coaching. I say unkind only because I get the impression she has no experience in the media or as a performer. Whereas John Ryan has a vast and accomplished career and a bank of experience in the media, good and bad, likewise for Olga Cronin. Neil Curren is an Improv professional and well accustomed to the stage. Johnny Keenan I understand is also involved in the Arts and Entertainment industry.

            I could be wrong but the only commentary I know of from Vanessa Foren is here on Broadsheet, either in written form or as a speaker.

            It is interesting that Game Changer would mention Lucky Khambula, however I am sure I remember Lucky addressing Vanessa directly himself last week, and vice versa.

            I don’t want to be too critical as I think it is a wonderful and unique thing Broadsheet on the Telly is doing, but from my observations the search for Microphones is less urgent as the need for an experienced live producer and better broadband.

            I am looking forward to tonight already, I really hope Al Porter gets a good airing, so keep it up Broadsheet.

          5. anne

            They never advertised for people with experience in the media to go on it… ergo Johnny & his dog are on it. Vanessa is grand & knows her stuff.

      2. Brother Barnabas

        Would be good to sort out the fan on Johnny’s computer for tonight. Seems to kick into noisy action after around an hour. It’s a bit distracting. And seems to irritate JR quite a bit.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            I think so. Johnny’s always the only one who can’t hear it. I think that means it’s coming from him.

      3. petey

        good point. when i started on radio i did the midnight to 3 slot. i may have had 20 listeners. i did it in part for my own satisfaction, and i loved it.

  1. Game changer

    Re cursing / One law for broadsheet in the Telly one law for real broadsheet – damn your double standards

  2. v.pip (sometimes off the telly)

    Hello there, and thank you all for your feedback. Please know that I appreciate every word of it. I regard all feedback as good, especially when it’s free; be it Negative or Positive, its all good.

    Candie Crush Guru is right. Beyond the odd work Skype, or a birthday Thanksgiving & Christmas face-time to a niece and nephew in New York, I had no background or experience in any form of Telly. (I do watch a lot of it tho’)

    Likewise with photographs. I hate photographs, and am not a natural at the strike a pose point, as my website photo shows. (There is a very good reason for me not showing off my Public Services Card that time Neil Curran all but called for a public demo and march down O’Connell Street!)

    You have only all got to know me now because John Ryan approached through a mutual acquaintance, and I will admit that I was very reluctant and declined for many weeks even months. I originally committed to the Housing Special because it is an important aspect of my own work and I am very proud of it and the people I work with.

    Unfortunately for ye I discovered the hardest part about doing that 1st show was having to put away all my client files.

    On the sound quality, all I can say is that when the show is live as it were, the audio feed we share as panelists is actually not as clear as it is on the YouTube playback. In my experience anyway. I would have to say that this was a particular difficulty last week with Lucky’s contributions, and the disruptive and patchy signal is also very difficult to stay in sync with, or even keep your patience with.

    If anyone remembers what it was like to hear Concorde take off in Heathrow back in the day, well that’s what it can be like. And I am including the rattling and humming of the boarding gates.

    Tonight I have a special tribute in the projector line up, other ladies my age might appreciate it. The Lads not so much. On that, feel free to send me some jpegs etc, likewise questions. @vef_pip or is always open.

    For your own information I never really prepare anything in advance unless John Ryan has asked me to, or if the topic was already featured here, ie The RTE Financial Statements
    So when I “waffle” it is definitely genuine as there is nothing really planned or rehearsed, and definitely not scripted.

    I can promise you all that Broadsheet on the Telly is 100% genuine and not staged at all beyond the attempted agenda; and ye have all seen what happens to that. But having said that, there are some great specials in the pipeline.

    I hope ye like Eurovision is all I’m going to tell ye for now.

    Before I go off and find a clean top, can I just let everyone in the Chat Pit know that the item on the ledge behind my chair was not a vibrator. It was in fact a copy of “Consolidated Bankruptcy & Personal Insolvency Legislation by Keith Farry & Bill Holohan”
    Sexy huh?

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      lovely to hear from you :)
      thanks for all the info and clarification
      we all knew it wasn’t a vibrator .. just being a pack of brats . no offence intended.
      keep up the good work !

  3. rotide

    Mike’s aren’t going to solve your problems lads.

    Mentioned this before, but it’s not like this is a unique snowflake of a project. There’s plenty of internet talk shows out there who do it with a much higher production value.

    Lose the awful google hangouts thing and look into Obs and Skype.

  4. scottser

    What sort of mics – xlr to a desk or USB to a computer? What’s your budget, how many do ye need and do ye need cables?

  5. Al

    “reasonably-priced” is a sliding scale… the ‘standard’ for a lot of people is the Blue Yeti (( at about €120 -a cheaper option from Blue is the Snowball ( at about €55. Either will be great for voice.

    Having said that, it would be definitely worth a punt to get a cheap lavalier (clip on) mic ( and see if that boosts your quality. The closer it is to your face, the lower you can set the gain (and it may be more unobtrusive) -worth a look at under €20

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