Did You Put The Chat Out?


Two hours of unbridled natter.

A heart-felt thank you to, clockwise from top left: Johnny Keenan; ‘Preposterous‘; Olga Cronin, Mark Dempsey, Vanessa Foran and Luke Brennan, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

It was our 40th episode and can be viewed in its entirety above.

And what a night it was.

With a General Election looming over proceedings, Olga guided us through the latest twists in the Maurice McCabe saga, Mark (speaking from a house party) discussed his project to galvanise the 900,000 people renting in the Republic of Ireland and Vanessa predicted the next FF leader may be a…ladyperson. Luke and Johnny, meanwhile, spent the night chopped up the contents of a large baggie of high grade ‘chat’ for all to share.

Some choice language.

Unsuitable for young adults.

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5 thoughts on “Did You Put The Chat Out?

  1. Candy Crush Guru

    I joined the Chat Pit last night and I still do not know what the fuss about it is.

    I definitely heard Vanessa say that she did not think Mary Lou McDonald would be the next leader of Sinn Fein, which is of particular interest as I would be of the same opinion, and I heard her predict that Labour would also have a new leader going into the next General. I barely recall any mention of the next leader of Fianna Fail beyond John Ryan getting Vanessa to admit she did not like Micheal Martin. Is Ladyperson a thing?

    I enjoyed Olga the most last night, she had an enthusiasm and energy about her I had not seen before.

    It is still worth watching everyone, we got news last night that was pure live feed as it happened.
    Well done Broadsheet.

    1. Noone

      Why ten minutes of that stuff is usually more than I can stomach. Vanessa is the only moderately interesting or informed looking participant I’ve seen on it to date.

      1. Johnny Keenan

        The premiss of the show is to have concerned citizens on to give their opinion on the issues of the day. My self proclaimed role on the show is to give my honest opinion and to provoke discussion, so the greater public can agree or disagree. You don’t hear to many voices like mine on main stream media.
        Noone im glad you tune in and agree with Vanessa. So do I (and some might disagree) most of the time.
        Please feel free to bring me to task on issues that I’m misinformed on

        1. wellness

          Nooone only wants you to look informed. Ask Mr. Curran for some pointers on how to play ” informed looking”.

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