4 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. Martco

    Quattro killer? dunno about that.
    If I had the money I’d have the Audi…
    or the gorgeous Lancia Delta Integrale

  2. Stuff I'd like to know

    Oh it would eat a Quattro. The Audi had as rudimentary a four wheel drive system as they come but that was still enough to clobber all the two wheel drive stuff in the early 80’s, all except the Lancia 037 that is. When everyone else joined the 4WD party they all had vastly superior systems but by that stage a legend was born. It didn’t matter that the Pug & Integrale could run rings around it, you stood in a forest on a cold wet morning waiting for the turbo 5 burble of an Audi Coupe to come storming through :-)

    1. Martco

      oh yea, that 5 pot lump with turbo is probably one of the best ever produced, proper heavy metal like working on a lorry engine..no need for a stereo makes its own music like a Merlin

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