12 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

    1. Brother Barnabas

      There’s a nice Galway in Saratoga County.

      (Interestingly, it was originally called New Galloway after Galloway in Scotland. When the town was incorporated in the mid 19th Century, it was wrongly entered as ‘Galway’. Always assumed this was an error. Turns out though that the clerk who made the error was a chap called James Brogan, who was originally from Ballyconneely. So perhaps it was done in mischief rather than error).

        1. Twunt

          Leo is the cause? Jeesus wept but you have no grasp on reality of the world.

          It takes years of effort to ‘become’ homeless.

  1. Pete

    The roughsleeping count for Galway can be obtained from Cope Galway. They are the frontline homeless service provider. The Cold Weather Response (CWR) opened last week with portacabin emergency beds.The mens hostel in the city has been running at full capacity for over 2years now.

    1. dav

      the alt-right here will claim that Cope are making a profit from this or they are a cause of the crisis. I’m sure it’s some sort of SS philosophy that, without charities intervention, the homeless would die off at greater rates, therefore eliminating the crisis.

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