Nothing Upstairs


Don Reilly writes:

3 bungalows empty for many years beside Royal College of Surgeons Sportsgrounds, near Dardistown Cemetery north Dublin. Can any broadsheet reader throw any light?

Empty Gaffs to marked ‘Empty Gaffs’

13 thoughts on “Nothing Upstairs

  1. Junkface

    Property hoarding. David McWilliams wrote a good article a couple of weeks back about how the Japanese had a similar problem 120 years ago, so they introduced a severe Tax that discouraged hoarding and freed up a lot of land and property so that the country could modernise. It worked.

    1. b

      utter nonsense, the area is not zoned for residential anymore unless you think people should live directly under a flight path surrounded by businesses

      1. Junkface

        I was talking in a more general sense about property hoarding in Ireland, not about these specific houses. Irelands property and Housing market laws are stifling progress into the future of the country.

  2. Owen C

    The site with the house by itself. Looks like a very large plot either part of or next to that house was given planning permission for an industrial/office estate back in 2008, which subsequently never arrived. Probably in NAMA or one of the banks (or one of the private equity funds who bought this stuff out of the banks in the last few years).

    Looks like the RCSI owns the other two vacant houses, looked for planning in 2006 (and was denied) to turn into offices and a car park.

  3. ____

    Are we really suggesting that these houses should be lived in?

    It’s obvious that they should be knocked and the site developed – probably exactly what the owner has in mind.
    Gutting and renovating them to a habitable standard would be a waste, a knee-jerk reaction that would lead to fewer housing units in the long-term. To more of the daft, sprawling development that we already have.
    This seems to be the case with all of the vacant buildings posted on this site.

    If you want to say something like “vacant property taxes should be imposed to encourage development” then fair enough, say that.

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