Staying In Tomorrow Night?


Saoirse Ronan on last weekend’s Saturday Night Live

Tomorrow night.

On the Late Late…

Via RTE:

With two Oscar nominations already under her belt, Saoirse Ronan looks like she will be hitting the awards circuit again following widespread acclaim for her turn in the critically adored hit Lady Bird, released in Irish cinemas in February next year…

As excitement builds for this year’s series of Dancing with the Stars Ireland, Ryan will be chatting with three of the yet-to-be-revealed celebs

Dublin mum Emma Murphy took a stand against domestic violence in a video that went viral after she was assaulted by her ex-partner, a former TV fitness instructor…she will speak about her ordeal…

As they celebrate the 20th anniversary of their hit album Talk on Corners and the release of Jupiter Calling, their seventh studio album, The Corrs will be performing and they’ll join Ryan on the couch for a catch up.

Children’s charity LauraLynn nominated a very special young boy to visit the Late Late Toy Show set last week. Three-year-old Jake was born with a tumour the size of a fist in his head and doctors thought it unlikely he would see his first birthday. He is still fighting… Jake’s parents Andrea and Padraic Smith will talk about how his illness…

Comedian Pat Shortt will join Ryan in character and music from The Coronas.

*drops telly from roof*

The Late Late Show, tomorrow night, on RTE One at 9.35pm.

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20 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow Night?

  1. Hank

    Just when I was at the end and thinking “this can’t get any worse”, they go and lob The Coronas into the mix..

  2. ivan

    If you walked into a commissioning producer’s office in anyplace in the world, pitching a light entertainment show that would feature

    local no-marks vying to appear in Dancing with the Stars
    a spot about domestic violence
    The Corrs
    some paddywackery with Pat Shortt
    and a sick child’s parents

    I think it’s fair to say your desk would be in the car park in jig time.

    1. rotide

      You seen to be under the mistaken impression that most chat shows around the world would think that an Oscar nominated actress and an internationally successful music group are bad guests

      1. ivan

        it’s the incongruousness (if that’s the word) of the actress and the pop group (last troubled the charts WHEN, by the way?) with the domestic violence and the sick child more than anything else I was getting at.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Bag o’ chips? Bag o’ sh**e!
      Was that him? I say that quite a lot, not knowing the source.

  3. Glass Eyed Willy

    Maybe she’ll do an impression of a Delta flight attendant dragging someone off a plane for us

    1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

      I can hear his next love ballad:
      Steel beams can’t melt with jet fuel,
      But you melt my heart like a fool.

  4. mildred st. meadowlark

    It’s not the WORST line up ever.

    I like Saoirse. And the Corrs after a few drinks at a wedding.

    1. scottser

      I can see you now minded, half a dozen gins and a bottle of Shiraz , twirling round the floor singing ‘so young’ into a hairbrush..

  5. Shayna

    I was kinda into The Corrs, back then. Jim started mentioning things in the press about aliens from outer-space.
    Now, all I can think about when The Corrs are mentioned, is Jim sitting in front of his keyboard, in his under-pants wearing a tin-foil hat.

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