11 thoughts on “Labour Model

  1. Patrick

    I have to say I am amazed be the way the left has moved from being tolerant to outright facist over the last 10 year. How difficult it is for someone to speak about how they have a different moral view on abortion without being castigated, belittled and ostracised. Also the assumption that if you have a different view you a a rosary bead rattler or the God squad. Where’s the tolerance? People are also the sum of their experiences and perhaps in many cases those experience have led these people to whatever belief system they have.

    1. Nigel

      a) That’s not fascism.
      b) Oh man are you going to feel let down by humanity when you hear, presumably for the first time because you just got out of a nuclear bunker where your parents hid during the Cuban Missile Crisis emerging to finally emerge last week to their intense embarrassment, what pro-lifers say about pro-choicers.

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