16 thoughts on “Empty Shocking Filler

    1. Joe Small

      Number 19 was owned by a Frank Gallagher in 1995 – most recent reference I can find. It sold for £12,700 in October 1976 – it might get a bit more now.
      Number 21 was owned by Cornelius McGrath in 1971 and was used as a guest house until at least 1975.

    1. BobbyJ

      That website is odd, barely a mention of being in FF and not a logo to be seen. You’d swear she was an Independent.

  1. dav

    Property should be seized and used for the good of the citizens of this state and if somebody wants to argue how “property rights” supersede “human rights” let them do so in court.

    1. Yeah, Ok

      It’s not often I agree with you Dav, but we should have a very strict set of rules for ruthlessly CPOing properties like this after a certain period. This should also include a strict timeline for the council/state to turn the site into something beneficial.

  2. eric cartman

    these would be selling at 750k + done up, don’t think these are going to help some low income / unemployed family in any way.

  3. Rob_G

    What I don’t understand is: presumably the owner, having acquired several properties, has some interest in making money. Why don’t they rent them out? However much they would cost to do up, surely they would have made multiples of that figure had they been rented out since 2009.

    Cui bono?

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