‘Happy’ not good enough for ye?




9 thoughts on “Merry, Is It?

    1. Brother Barnabas

      That could be the first line of a really good old rebel song

      I think you should keep going with that

      1. anyone

        From the high walls of Ross

        To the shores of Fanore

        Their wailing cries, they pealed

        no more! Lord Ross! no more!

      2. Nigel

        Oh the only lights that should be flashin’
        Are the ones on the old cop cars
        Oh the only red noses they should be catchin’
        Are the ones comin’ late out of bars

        Who paid for the lights on the Garda barracks?
        Says the Sean Van Vocht, not I.
        Who put the fairy on their Christmas tree?
        Says the Sean van Vocht, not me.

        Oh them tinselly cops should only be messin’
        With breathalysers under the mistletoe
        It’s as easy to be fakin’ as to be kissin’
        You just press your lips together and blow.

        (Repeat chorus)

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Outbefore daylight wishing everyone in their bed a Merry Christmas. Two cowards? Afraid to meet their makers?

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