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    1. some old queen

      No idea what I was trying to say there.

      Anyways, Bitcoin. A gold rush if ever there was one. It really is too good to be true. Max Keiser could get badly burnt yet.

  1. Martco

    happy xmas to all of ye merry men & ladies at the Broadsheet & all that contribute the comments

    even @Charger /s

    1. Frilly Frilly Christmas & a Happy New Year

      How did the bakes ok Martie

      Delighted with this year’s mince meself

      1. Martco

        decent alrite
        I had a few coeliac weirdos to cater for ;) so had to come up with a GF sweet pastry that worked without disintegrating for the mincers, took a bit of engineering but very happy with it and mostly the vanilla rest of us didn’t know the difference atall!
        I’m going a bit alternative this year doing a fine looking rib roast on the bone (better value than the good turkeys I’d say) and giant Yorkshire’s (hopefully) it’ll go with the Nigel Slater roasts n veg and I’ll be putting decent time into the proper gravy in advance amarach. starters is 80’s fest…grilled grapefruit in a silver coupe, Melba toast, prawn cocktails. afters if anyone can is choice of a key lime GF pie, pear frangipane and jelly n ice cream for the childer. 14 this year to sit so not too bad atall for once!
        I have a nice post Xmas curry idea if I get the time I’ll post up.
        Happy Christmas Frilly & happy healthy new year to u!

        1. Goosey Lucy

          God, that sounds fantastic!! Did you do gf Yorkies as well?! Tesco have them if not. I’d be curious if you did as to the recipe.
          Fair play, I’ll be over round 3, that ok? :)

          1. Martco

            so for the GF pastry you can try this if u want see how it goes. there’s a bit of a fiddle but it seems to work well

            a SWEET PASTRY for some mince pies or anything really:

            little hack first..get a bag of the premix Doves Farm Brown Bread flour…now it has some little brown particles in there (I think Carob going off the ingredient list prob to make the intended bread look like brown bread who knows) that I removed first by running thru a fine sieve couple of times…then weigh out 220g of that cleaned up flour into your bowl, a pinch of salt,1 tablespoon caster sugar, combine this dry sieve etc then add 1 egg and 110g of proper butter cold! and work per usual shortcrust rules (Delia will show u how check out online if in doubt) clingfilm, chill it etc, roll, cut as you please per purpose. Also you could throw 1 tsp of cocoa powder at it if u wanted to make up chocolate tart for example

            technique important treat like usual pastry and you’ll be ok


            YORKSHIRES (rosemary Kearney)
            50g rice flour, 50g tapioca flour, punch salt, 2 eggs, 300ml milk, 10g melted butter. combine sieve dry stuff into your bowl, well in centre whisk in half milk gradually then the other half and melted butter for smooth batter, stand for 1 hour, ready your hopping hot tin..best oil is good ole lard/beef dripping


        2. Frilly Frilly Christmas & a Happy New Year

          You can try Martie
          But ya’ll not bate my Turkey Gurry

          BTW the Mullied Keane turned out mighty this year too

          It’s like a port
          The ruby shine off it
          An’ you could float a spud on it it’s that rich

          1. Martco

            I don’t doubt it Frilly! and isn’t gravy is what brings it all together and nice to have your family secret best of best formula…like you could cook your best bird ever but if the gravy poor that’s whats remembered, worth the messing about with the roasting base bits and all that jazz

  2. Charger Salmons

    Christmas Day is okay but I must admit Boxing Day is my favourite day of the holiday period.
    All the Xmassy nonsense over for another year and wall-to-wall sport and drink instead.
    Happy days.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      this one lacks the subtlety to have the intended effect, charger

      not saying you’re losing it, but I don’t think you’re putting in the same effort that you once did

      here’s to a revitalised, reenergised 2018

          1. Charger Salmons

            Boxing Day is the day after Christmas Day.
            There are various explanations for its origin – a collection box for the poor in church on Christmas Day opened the next day or the day when servants would be given their Christmas box and be allowed home to their own families.
            It’s a secular day celebrated throughout most of the former colonies of the British Empire.
            But,of course,Ireland still living in thrall to the Catholic Church chooses to celebrate it as a religious day.
            For the same reason non-Christians can’t get a drink on Christmas Day or Good Friday.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            if cameron can doodle a pig’s head, no reason charger can’t get it on with a monkey’s bottom

            if it makes them happy, what harm!?

          2. Goosey Lucy


            We DO celebrate Boxing Day Salmon..it’s the early morning hours of the 27th, usually outside a chipper bit often outside hackney offices too…

  3. Paddy at the Howth Summit

    Princess Michael of Kent offends Bi-racial partially black American whose Black American President was bombing the living daylights out of non-whites in the third world for over a decade. Go figure. Markle’s taxes helped fund the U.S. war machine. How about that for offensiveness.

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