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  1. GiggidyGoo

    The Spin department opens a new fantasy chapter. Balance the Books? Me botty. Leotard economics. The chap just hasn’t an iota.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Let me explain about polls. Polling companies have stalwart registered ‘go to the well’ boyos that are polled. Not everyone in a poll is such though, as they do call unregistered new people as well.
        Now, say you’re at an all-ireland final, and sixteen people are chosen at the end of the match on the way out to give their opinion. Would you think that gives a correct overview of the opinion of….80,000 people? The % are much the same if you take a poll sample vs. the entire electorate. And what if 25% of those polled supported the particular counties? (The registered people in other words)
        That’s your polls for you. Now. you might put some credence on such %’s. I, and many others don’t.
        Furthermore, the polls have not had a correct indication of support for political parties for some time now.

        1. Taunton

          Let me explain about reality, a place you don’t occupy. FG are the biggest party and will most likely be the biggest party after the next election.

          Now obviously you have some kind of vendetta against Leo, I don’t know if it is because he is gay, of mixed heritage, or because he politics aren’t rooted in whatever warped loopy lefty ideology it is you think will save us all, but you are boring and tiresome.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      My overwhelming reaction to the comment section was to hail the correct use and spelling of the word ‘loose’ by Jennifer.

  2. some old queen

    Leo thinks wage rises will overheat the economy and is considering holding back ‘spare cash’. It’s not like there is anything else needs funding like house building or the health service now is there?

        1. Charger Salmons

          You have to give Macron credit where it’s due – there’s no smoother operator when his local pub is running their Grab-A-Granny night.
          Especially now that an ageing Wayne Rooney is slowing down round the box.

          1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            couldn’t give a monkey’s what he does in the bedroom if he gets the homeless of the streets

    1. anne

      4% a year for 3 years was what landlords were given in rent pressure zones… people need higher wages to pay for higher rents.

      Who else is getting 12% rises over 3 years? And it’s been much higher increases in rent in reality than that figure..

      Why doesn’t he tackle raising rents? Why give landlords carte blanche to operate however they like & then complain wages are too high.. yeah we’re not competitive, no fupping sh*t sherlock.

      Happy Christmas all.

      1. some old queen

        Agreed. If there is one thing preventing investment in Ireland it is labour costs because accommodation must be factored in, otherwise they won’t get the staff.

        I was talking to someone yesterday who pays €600 a month for a two bed in Barcelona, and it is a three year lease so it can’t be changed. In Dublin that would cost at least three times as much without the same security.

          1. some old queen

            Pretty sure London is near top of the pile and we shouldn’t be going there.

            Would you like that spelled out in a full Powerpoint page of concise bullet points?

          2. some old queen

            I have no theory. I already knew London was more expensive than Dublin. Dublin is not London. That is why we (the collective ‘we’) like Dublin?

            Now what is your point?

          3. Taunton

            you started by saying Barcelona was cheaper than Dublin. It is, but we cannot cherry pick statistics to suit our argument and ignore others. Some cities are more expensive than others, there is a patchwork of reasons to explain the difference. Comparing Dublin to London on a single point is a pointless as comparing it to Barcelona, Oslo or Tokyo.

          4. some old queen

            By that logic there should be no comparisons made at all, which is nonsense. Of course there are other variables but a big factor is scale, London vs. New York etc. So what is comparable to Dublin? Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham are all way cheaper. On the European mainland likewise places like Berlin and Barcelona.

            Common sense should tell you that the main factor in Dublin’s cost of living is housing and as per my original point, it will drive investment elsewhere. Although Goldman Sachs probably moving their European unit to Dublin is interesting but then again they are they sorts who could afford to move anywhere they liked.

  3. Diddy

    I’d love to see muck Wallace given a billion € and some land to build affordable housing… he’d do a great job

    1. Frilly Keane

      All good fillums are Christmas fillums Clamps

      When you get to watch ’em with a clutch of Scots Clan, 4 day old Mullied Keane, trifle and mince pies, turkey & tayto Sangwiches, while still in your jimjams – and without anyone having a moan

      they’re all Christmas fillums

      1. paddy apathy

        Oh Frilly, you have just defined, refined and created new Christmas traditions in our house. Turkey and crisps, thank you sweetheart.

        1. Frilly New Year everyone

          Happy ta’ help

          pity I didn’t get the 12 days of Frill-mas off the ground properly for ye
          all that Troll Doggie stuff ta’deal with

          but shur’ there’s always next year
          if I’m still about like

          c’mere what sorta bread would you be using for the sangwiches there Paddy

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