Anthony Flynn, of Inner City Helping Homelessness, tweetz:

Homelessness is costing the state more year on year with no real-end results in fixing the problem. We cannot continue to continuously spend these excessive amounts without seeing the direction of the crisis change!

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16 thoughts on “How Much?

    1. ahjayzis

      Fresh, radical new research shows that instead of giving money to private landlords at ever increasing rates, building social housing pays for itself in mere decades.


      1. Cian

        Decades you say? Our politicians don’t think in decades.

        They think in election cycles. sadly.

  1. diddy

    And that pie chart doesnt include the HAP scheme which will transfer 1.3bn euro worth of tax payers money into the pockets of private landlords this year. All because “the morkesh” cannto be interfered with. Meanwhile the poverty line goes up as hard working people have to go cap in hand to the council looking for top ups to rent substandard accomm.

  2. Liam Deliverance

    So if you include the HAP and other emergency housing related expenses how much are we talking per year?
    Also what is the breakdown on Emergency Accommodation expenditure, how many hotels and BnB’s?
    How many people per hotel/BnB?
    What is the average cost per person per year to keep them in Emergency Accommodation?
    How many years are we in this Emergency Accommodation situation and what is the total cost to date?
    What is the breakdown on the other E35 million as outlined above?
    How many on the waiting list for social housing and how long is the wait?
    Is the housing waiting list increasing or decreasing, any figures for this?

    If a social house costs 250k to build then E115m per year will build 460 houses. How much can you save by homing 460 people/families?

    These are rhetorical questions as I don’t expect someone to answer them but without the answers it’s hard to have an opinion based on fact and on whether we should stop wasting this money and start building social houses.

      1. Diddy

        There’s also a European dimension to this. A large public housing project would be open to all EU nationals which could create a pull factor ( could not sure) .. enter Brexit territory

  3. Liam Deliverance

    €1.5bn = 6000 houses, per year. If we have spent that each year over the last 4 years, then 24,000 homes.

    1. Cian

      Yes. And 100000[1] people without a roof over their heads for the last 4 years

      [1] I don’t know exactly how many people are supported by HAP

  4. bob

    Would be interested to see how much these “hotels” and B&B’s are being paid to house families in emergency accommodation. Morally, should they be allowed to make a profit?
    If the councils also invested the same amount of money in building homes that they are spending on emergency accommodation, that would start to pay back in the long run, on top of their social housing commitments.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Should they be allowed to make a profit? Of course they should. Why should they bear the financial burden of the Government’s failings?

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