22 thoughts on “Such Sweet Sorrow

  1. Boj

    Permission before or after the photo? Just curious.
    Also, is that Zappone in pic4 getting outta dodge?

          1. Killian G

            The airport is not a public place actually. Next time you are there, read one of the fairly small notices at each entrance. Details who is permitted to enter (those with confirmed travel within next three hours) and those intending to meet someone who is either in transit or present in the airport. And the maximum period of time anyone is entitled to be on the premises – which it clearly states is private property – is 180 minutes. Nobody enforces this but if they want to they can.

          2. anne

            Dublin airport is a public space, operated by the DAA, which is a state-owned company.

            Like public libraries, rules of use don’t make it a private space.

          3. ahjayzis

            “Publicly owned” is not the same as “public space”.

            Aras an Uachtarain is publically owned – it is not generally a public space.

            Lansdowne Road is privately owned – when you’re at a match you’re in what is in effect a public space.

            Now if that privately-owned public space has rules of entry, like no photography, fair enough. But fairly sure no one’s been sued for photopgraphing match goers in a stadium.

          4. Killian G


            What actually are you talking about?

            The Aviva is a private arena and a private space. Being a member of the public does not entitle you to wander into the Aviva. It’s private.

            A public space is somewhere like O’Connell Street. Being a member of the public does entitle you to wander onto O’Connell Street. It’s public.

            The airport is also private. Being a member of the public does not entitle you to enter the airport. You are only entitled to enter if you meet one of the two conditions I referenced above.

          5. anne

            You’re mixing up ownership, rules of entry & what constitutes a public & private place.. read what Ahjazis wrote – slowly.

    1. Go A Way

      Who cares? It’s just good manners getting a subject’s permission to be photographed where practicable, irrespective of what Jonny Rulebooks like friendless Killian, say.

    1. Boj

      I say that to the other half all of the time, the grass is greener n’all.
      Sure isn’t everywhere else just a kip as well now, where would YOU go?

      1. dav

        a country with representative government that is NOT owned by the vulture funds and property developers

        1. Boj

          So prob better to stay put then, unless you can be specific? Better the divil ya know n’all. Look at ya making me proverb all over the place again…

  2. Owen

    I was home for Christmas, and found it very hard leaving again. Hardly held it together going through the airport. January is a depressing time of year, especially when you have to get back on a plane knowing its probably 2 years till your back again.

      1. Owen

        Cheers Bertie. Just the Jan blues kicking in. A nice run followed by a slab of cans should help.

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