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    1. GiggidyGoo

      Imagine the Law and Order party losing three Justices Ministers one after another? Poor Charlie had to grovel to Alan Kelly a few weeks ago in order to continue to keep his post. Gas that FG depend on two other parties that are in opposition to remain in office.
      The Grand Old Duke Of Cork though,must be getting very tired marching up and down that hill. Kelly,on the other hand knows which points of the bear to poke.

          1. Taunton

            I don’t really care what you do with your time. I just find it surprising that you spend most of every day hating of FG and not getting paid for it. It is mentally and financially unhealthy, but it is your life so do as you please.

          2. Sam

            Out of curiosity, do you imagine it’s something that really requires effort?
            Hating the smurfs and coming up with vitriol any time someone mentions them would take some odd mental
            Criticising politicians isn’t quite the same thing. Stating the truth about them tends to suffice, and isn’t strenuous nor unhealthy.
            I’d say it requires more mental effort to ignore how badly we are governed and not to say so.

          3. Taunton

            Your post has a smattering of vitriol, Giddidy’s often do.

            A few days back a post of mine was edited by a mod, Giggidy went on a paranoid vitriol filled rant about me being an insider and having secret access to functions that others don’t. It’s unhealthy.

            I don’t know Giggidy but he’s not stupid, but not everything is a conspiracy to shaft people. Remember, never attribute to malice that which can easily be explained by incompetence.

            Finally, Giggidy, given the structures we have, what does your government look like, you often post about want you don’t like, but rarely outline what you do want. What does your government look like?

          4. GiggidyGoo

            @Taunton. If you don’t really care, then why comment. And of course, the usual FG cloaked attack (taunt as distinct from Taunton) on a contributer is contained in your non-answer. Theres a few of your likes on here that are experts in running away when called out. Ooooh yeah.
            (BTW – I don’t need your permission for anything. Toddle along)

          5. GiggidyGoo

            @Taunton. Well there’s a turn up for the books. You’ve just accused me going ‘on a paranoid vitriol filled rant about me being an insider and having secret access to functions that others don’t. It’s unhealthy.’
            So I take it that you can link to the article where i’m supposed to have done that. Please do so, as in typical FG fashion, you seem to have no qualms about spreading lies. So link the article where my comment was supposedly made. Do so and i will engage further with you. Fail to do so, and you’ve just become a nobody.
            I have to step out for a few hours. I look forward to your reply. Mise le meas

          6. Sam

            A smattering of vitriol? What did I post that was vitriolic other than jokingly striking through tootleweasel?
            Constructive criticism isn’t vitriol nor is it unhealthy. The lack of criticism is extremely unhealthy, mentally, financially, environmentally for individuals and society. Are you being awfully thin skinned on behalf of government politicians?
            I’d say that type of close association is mentally unhealthy.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          So TaintEd Taunton No link to back up your accusations then? Can’t be hard can it? Unless of course, it was the usual FG ‘lie and run away’. Which of course it was. No point in even trying to hold a discussion with someone who lies. Toddle along now.

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Bigger news tomorrow :(

        I’ve had women leave me that didn’t hurt as much as Coutinho to Barca…

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            I LOVE Can, but he’s horribly inconsistent, he veers between 4/10 and 8/10 performances with alarming regularity.
            That said, I’d much rather they kept him –
            Henderson, Mignolet and Moreno on the other hand….

    1. Taunton

      They have different emissions profiles. Petrol produces more CO2 than Diesel, but Diesel produces NOx.

    2. Martco

      ah both have actual and differing real life emissions issues (nevermind the specific measurements that the manufacturer lobbyists have successfully managed to narrow things down to)

      UK & DE however are sitting on a very large car industry bomb tho with all of this…some dealerships are reporting 90% dropoff in orders for diesels..coming after a campaign for years of pushing new fancy diesel motors on the public…secondhand market going to be very very interesting heading for 2020…take VW for instance, it’s become a mandatory smart question now to query if the car being offered has an EA189 lump under the bonnet (the one with the engine management map fakery scandal that was blown out of all proportion technically and has become a legal joke) and if so it’s an automatic bargaining position for the buyer….

      1. some old queen

        Thanks Martco (and Taunton). So buying a new(ish) diesel will become a lot cheaper as they clear the back stock but you’d get hammered with the road tax afterwards? It doesn’t instill confidence in the environmental science when they change their minds like this. It’s only ten odd years since diesel was been marketed as the greener alternative.

        1. Martco

          on the pricing it depends on how soft a landing (where did we hear that one before??) the manufacturers + govts conjure up I’d say
          time being SOQ assuming secondhand buy whatever makes sense for you in current timeframe and according to normal factors and don’t be too worried. as long as you don’t buy brand new – compared to the absolutely mental depreciation loss you will ship in that case any secondhand diesel argument fluctuations would be relatively small.

          grrr. don’t get me started on EV’s tho! that’s the biggest in plain sight conjob ever ever.

          1. jusayinlike

            EV’s means less road tax income for the govt, that’s why they wanted all of us to pay for water..

          2. Frilly Keane

            I’m having to change put this year Martie

            Gimme an idea
            Looking at a daysel CRV
            If I had the spondoulies I’d go full XC90
            No more than 2 years on the plate

            Any ideas?

          3. Martco

            mmm. if you’re hankering after an XC90 I don’t think you need to go for too young, there’s great value in 13-14 reg ones out there & if you’re up for taking a chance and putting a bit of effort in across the water or north even better I’d say u could easily gain back €4-6k on the cost despite the sterling and they hold well….solid enough busses they are go for D5 with the geartronic (any big issues largely ironed out for that era) they look beautiful in red btw.
            IMO the one to avoid is Q7. they have a good few funnies and if u think XC90 has potential bills for you in the future you ain’t seen nothing :)
            personally I’m a bangernomics fella (I’ll try find something bombproof with cost neutral running over time I have it) not everyone’s cuppa but I’d be more into running an oul merc G Wagon or W124 estate or for example on the classic insurance n tax…happy happy days trust m€!

          4. Frilly Keane

            Marthur Daly !

            I’ll be going over to bring one back alright
            Maybe when I do my Bake off audition I’ll have a snoop

            ‘hoping to get to the end of the Summer out’ve what’s under me at the moment tho
            But coming up on 200k and stuff needs replacing
            You know yourself

          5. Lilly

            Why do you like these big tractors Frilly? Do you feel safer in them? I prefer small and zippy. Easy to park in town and cheap to run. I don’t understand the popularity of the SUV.

          6. Frilly Keane

            Comfort with work Driving
            And plenty of room for all the shy -te
            Work and Domestic

            Have a nippy X1 at the mo
            And it works well with the blend of urban and motorway driving I do
            And would recommend
            But I definitely need a bitta more space
            And I miss the comfort the Lexus had

          7. Lilly

            Sounds a bit like TD I heard on radio (didn’t catch name) saying her new year’s resolution is to stop using car as her wardrobe. I know someone who keeps her Hoover in hers! I can understand the comfort thing alright if you drive a lot for work. Otherwise I’d say keep the X1 ’till it claps out.

          8. Martco

            Frilly I have a left field suggestion now I can see where you’re going there…
            you could spend that Volvo money on a VW Transporter in what they call a crewcab config…3 in front and a second row of 3 and the rest is the biggest boot you could ever want..for that Volvo money you could land a lwb 2015 one in top highline spec with the twin turbo lump + 4motion + DSG box. even better road presence than SUV (no one in any Dalkey tractor will ever dare try cut you up) really nice to drive in that captains chair & bombproof value- you’d sell it in 2 years time for near same mon spent today.

          9. Frilly Keane

            I know what yer getting at Marthur
            And I know tis great advice

            That’s the most unsexy attractive ride I’ve ever been presented with

          10. Martco

            I guess my oul Izuzu Trooper wouldn’t stir you atall? arra you’re a hard one to please…ah I know your type Frilly…XC90 today then before a fella’d know it you’d be after a Cayenne S prob in ebony chrome blacked out windows n biscuit hide interior for hanging around doul BT car park wha? ;)

          11. some old queen

            Frilly do you need a new car or just want one? Never had you down as the sort who would be too bothered about what the neighbours would think.

          12. Lilly

            Sounds cool Martco but without the blacked out windows. Frilly doesn’t want anyone taking her for a drug dealer or a pimp.

          13. Frilly Qeane

            Ah no
            Wouldn’t do the Cayenne ah’tall
            That Jag now
            Might get a test drive

            Isuzu Trooper?!?!?
            Would ya get ta’ …
            Just cause I talk like a muck savage who eats dinner in the middle of the day and do a bitta roofing n bitta driveway laying….
            Doesn’t mean I am one

            BTW everyone
            I couldn’t give a ..it
            What any one thinks about what I drive

            I care

  1. gorugeen

    I see the John Venebles story. If ever there were a case of someone deserving of life in solitary confinement it’s him. I don’t believe in evil but I find it hard to put a label on him. Psychopath is a bit too clinical.

      1. Martco

        I believe it exists in some people however it gets caused. Plant likes of these onto an island somewhere and let them at it. Fupp any and all do-gooders who think otherwise imho.

        1. f_lawless

          that seems like a rather callous, cold-blooded point of view to take Martco… watch out, you might get shipped off to Evil Island too

          1. Frilly Keane

            Tbf Lawless
            Bertie and Marthur aren’t all that wrong

            He’s bin bad from the start
            I know his release originally was delayed because of child porn and other abnormal and violent interests

            He’s been under supervision / tight reign in as much as the authorities could do since his 20s

            His accomplice in the Jamie Bolger murder has never given the probation service any concern, that I’m aware of anyway.

            The man is a very dangerous human.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            nobody could dispute that, frillz

            I still think it’s worth noting that venables had an horrendous childhood himself

          3. Lilly

            Parents separated but still in his life, mother depressive. Plenty of kids have it worse and don’t go on to murder.

        2. Brother Barnabas

          This Be The Verse

          They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
          They may not mean to, but they do.
          They fill you with the faults they had
          And add some extra, just for you.

          But they were fucked up in their turn
          By fools in old-style hats and coats,
          Who half the time were soppy-stern
          And half at one another’s throats.

          Man hands on misery to man.
          It deepens like a coastal shelf.
          Get out as early as you can,
          And don’t have any kids yourself.

  2. Naomi

    John Venables should never have been given a new identity, neither should his accomplice, in the murder of James Bulger. Neither should have been given new IDs or freedom. To commit such a humanely evil crime took the actions of psychopaths, minors or not.

    1. Lilly

      They were given new identities because of death threats. Robert Thompson has never reoffended so you have to ask, would it have been fair to condemn him to death for something he did at the age of 10, possibly led by Venables?

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Up to the abduction and murder of Jamie Bolger, Venables had no history of violence or aggression, whereas Thompson did.

      2. Naomi

        I would not say he should have been condemned to death, Lilly, but he needs to remain locked up, both of them do. Sentencing in England and Ireland is so inapt, rarely fits the crime.

          1. Naomi

            What, in your opinion, would be the correct way to deal with these two murderers?

            I accept they were children at the time but they tortured and killed a helpless toddler.

          2. Lilly

            I don’t know Naomi. Correct approach was probably taken with Thompson but it didn’t work with Venables. Some people are beyond redemption.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      also removed a comment I left – a poem (not mine) with presumably too many ‘fupps’. pity because it added to the conversation (I think).

    2. gorugeen

      Normally I’d say read up on what they did to that toddler. In this case though, I’d say don’t. I did. Trust me it’s beyond human comprehension. At age 10 they should have been locked in a windowless, soundproof cell and fed etc through a hatch. They should never have had any contact with another Human being.

  3. Naomi

    There’s not enough ‘fupps’ or rightly placed anger, BB, with regard to this story. Strange how people are up in arms about frigging cycle lane dramas but this sort of thing barely raises an eyebrow.

        1. Frilly Keane

          It’s the real deal alright

          Sum’ting else
          JR himself predicted a load of stuff would crystallise in 2018
          So I wonder
          Well I have’ta don’t I

          Is qanon a local ‘ish

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