The ‘BDS blacklist’ was released by Israel’s Strategic Affairs Ministry

On Sunday, Israel published a full list of organisations whose activists will be barred from entering the country.

Judith Goldberger writes:

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign are rated along with Code Pink. They should be proud…


Israel Publishes BDS Blacklist: These Are the 20 Groups Whose Members Will Be Denied Entry (Haaretz)

Israel’s blacklist of human rights orgs is appalling, anti-democratic, and a badge of honour for BDS (Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign)

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13 thoughts on “Outcast

  1. shitferbrains

    It’s a stupid move because nobody with any influence takes a blind bit of notice of BDS and their handful of alibi Jews. But then no-one has ever accused Netanyahu of having anything other than a cloth ear for bad propaganda.

        1. The Ghost of Starina

          I prefer not to. True story, I was barred from the Dublin Israeli Embassy’s facebook page after I objected to their calling anti-zionist Jews “weird Jews”.

  2. bisted

    …no less than Nelson Mandela himself acknowledged the role of the boycott movement in ending apartheid in S Africa…one of his first trips abroad was to Ireland and specifically the Dunnes Store workers.

    The BDS movement continues that tradition of fighting the apartheid regime in occupied Palestine.

    1. shitferbrains

      Boycotts played little or no part in the ending of SA apartheid. Nothing much changed till Winnie started necklacing people and the place looked as if it would succumb to total violence. Then the USA changed its policy and that was that. Mandela was a really nice guy.

    2. Andrew

      The BDS movement continues to sow division. Pathetic group/movement or whatever they call themselves.
      Their tactics will do nothing to bring about any kind of resolution.
      naïve fools
      Wing nuts

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