10 thoughts on “Wake Up, Sheeple

  1. Nigel

    You know the whole thing was faked because everybody on that ship turned out to be actors. They’re in IMDB and everything.

  2. Rob_G

    Broadsheet is turning into infowars so incrementally that it is difficult to tell if this is a joke or not.

    1. Pete

      Nah fairly easily to tell it’s a joke in all fairness. BS is difficult to pigeonhole though. Left right conspiracy nuts trolls pisstakers. It’s like they’re not any one thing. It’s maddening altogether

  3. Frilly Qeane

    Would breakaway ice not just float back up to the surface
    Ya know
    Float away on up to Greenland

  4. gorugeen

    What actually happened is the Titanic crashed into the 300m high ice wall that encircles the flat Earth.

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