15 thoughts on “Stop Him

    1. Sam

      In hindsight, it was a mistake to put the giraffe on the loop de loop.

      Seriously though, 30 animals in one year is a lot unless you’re talking about a safari park with a very large number of animals.

  1. Paul

    didn’t Tayto Park ask for their figures to not be published as it would have a negative affect on people visiting the park?

      1. Sam

        they can give context if they like.
        If it was birds with a short life span of 1 -2 yrs it wouldn’t be a big issue, but pigs live a bit longer, meerkats etc live about 12 yrs in captivity. pygmy goats usually last about a decade or so.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          tayto park has (or had) 380 animals so it’s around 8%. dublin zoo had a mortality rate of 13% in the same year.

          1. Sam

            For the Dublin Zoo mortality rate to be directly comparable, we’d have to know more about the average life expectancy for each of the species. If Dublin Zoo has proportionately more animals with shorter life spans, then that would be taken into account.

            I’d be interested in seeing a detailed break down for Tayto and Dublin Zoo.

        2. b

          to be fair, the life span of pigs on the park is entirely dependent on the production cycle of smoky bacon flavoured tayto

        3. Mansions

          Birds don’t normally have that short a lifespan; one of the terns lives something like 35 years. They should definitely check Enda’s alibi.

  2. Gay Tea Shop

    Will this slaughter stop the appalling @GenEmigration What I Miss Most About Ireland : Tayto vomit in the Irish Times? Will it f….

  3. Karlhungus

    Why are they releasing 2016 figures in January 2018? Do they just think no one will notice?

    Probably won’t in fairness

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