Ballivor Says No


This afternoon.

A protest in Ballivor, Co Meath – against a proposed Scientology centre.

No change in planning permission required for Scientology drug rehab centre (Meath Chronicle)

10 thoughts on “Ballivor Says No

  1. Rob_G

    Is that in addition to the one they are opening in Firhouse? There will be more scientology centres than Insomnias it they keep going at this rate.

  2. Kolmo

    Fair play to the protesters – scientology scooping up vulnerable people abandoned by the state for their own criminal agenda, sinister, dead-eyed ghouls.

        1. Tony

          But (1) this is not a religion (b) how does, say, Hinduism feast on the vulnerable and mentally ill for money and (4) have you been audited?

          1. postmanpat

            I’m afraid they are a legally recognized religion in the cowardly eyes of the Irish law. Technically if you signed up to the church for shiggles and ran up a bill for dianetics then told them to f-off later , they could sue you for the course work and an Irish judge would have to side with them. Then you have a bill for tens of thousands of euros. Just a warning for any students out there who, loike, think it would be , oh my gawd , so funny roysh, to infiltrate the church.

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