9 thoughts on “How To Nail Any Irish Job Interivew

  1. Dermie

    Ah seriously Broadsheet. I think I can safely say that all comments from todays earlier post “For Your Considerations” can be applied to this attempt at comedy.

  2. some old queen

    Went for an interview with a hydrated semi state last week.

    It was a competency based. Apparently this means that they ‘probe’ as to who has the most experience. The answers had to be in the STAR format otherwise mark down which means HR demand you do half their job. Not one technical question or indeed any question pertaining to the job specification asked and when I had the opportunity to query, I was told the details were with another department… by the job manager?

    My aunt worked her ass off to put her five children through college and then one Christmas concluded that it was possible to be educated into stupidity.


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