“The Victims Invested All Their Belief In The Judicial System”


Former Olympic swimmer Gary O’Toole reflects on George Gibney in conversation with Ger Gilroy on OTB AM.


Swimming coach George Gibney was accused of 27 counts of indecent assault and unlawful carnal knowledge though he escaped conviction following a Supreme Court ruling in 1993. Gary O’Toole played a central role in bringing Gibney’s case to public attention. He shared his story with OTB AM.


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12 thoughts on ““The Victims Invested All Their Belief In The Judicial System”

  1. Bort

    Fair play to Gary, only an ounce of the story of what he tried to do to help the victims and bring justice to Gibney.

      1. dav

        … via medical malpractice or in a 5 a side? Your above statement appears very vague (perhaps deliberately so) and I think, for this site’s sake) that you should clarify.

        1. Bort

          He drew a smiley face on it with a marker when I fell asleep at a party. Great person, great surgeon, great swimmer, great prankster, average 5 a side player

  2. Jim Bob Julius

    Lets not forget the role former Chief Justice Denham played in this – her brother argued the case in front of her FFS….

  3. digs

    A few things here…
    One, Gary O’Toole is an absurdly eloquent, dignified and compassionate victim/advocate.
    Two,Ger Gilroy is a ridiculously thorough, measured and astute journalist.
    Both men have demonstrated incredible intelligence and respect in this interview, a rarity these days.

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