27 thoughts on “He Died For Your Gins

  1. newsjustin

    That’s amazing. There must be some mistake though. It says the Dail passed the legislation. It was the church keeping the pubs closed, wasn’t it? How could the Dail have changed this by a simple vote?

    1. ivan

      no, but I suspect it was the church had some input into the 90 year old legislation that put the measure in place.

      The church, far as I can tell, kept largely out of the hoo-ha about allowing opening on Good Friday (perhaps only doing the ‘well, we wouldn’t be angry, but we’d be disappointed’ routine).

      It was the usual suspects (of whom, I should point out, I wouldn’t count you as one) taking on the role of Defender of the Faith that kept the argument against opening going.

      1. newsjustin

        I think, for a long time, there was no real (effectual) opposition to opening it’s just nobody got their act together.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      It will be beautiful (in a sense that it will be a ragey fuppin car crash!).

      It might distract him from peddling his antichoice bullplop for a day or two anyway.

  2. RuilleBuille

    I, for one, will miss groups of English stag and hen parties standing outside pubs looking confused.

    Personally I would have kept the ban just to annoy greedy pub owners.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      There are greedy pub owners certainly. There are also pub owners who like Good Friday as it’s the one day you can give your premises a lick of paint.

  3. scottser

    well i’m still buying a lorry load of cans on the thursday so i can drink to excess on the friday moaning about the telly.
    i’m a traditionalist like that.

  4. francis almond

    I’m having an abortion in a pub while being gay in a pub on good Friday. Stick that in your bottom grandad

  5. martco

    tenner a (foul) pint in that gaff guaranteed
    stags n hens will have their pockets nicely felt

  6. the bottler

    Listened to David Norris on radio decrying the change. No mention of his travelling expenses to the Seanad.

    1. Nigel

      Hear that lonesome whippoorwill
      He sounds too blue to fly
      No mention of his travelling expenses to the Seanad.

  7. Toe Up

    That tweet is a load of nonsense. The novelty of good Friday was that with the pubs being closed and lots of people off work, that it was the best day of the year for sessions and house parties. Now it is just another Friday, with more people (i.e. bar staff) having to work.

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