Who Says Romance Is Dead?



You loved their Xmas cards.

But that was just a warm up.

Behold, Irish-made card company, Pretty Mean Valentine’s Day 2018 collection

Founder Sally O’Sullivan writes:

Pretty Mean are back with some delightfully dark Valentine’s Day cards as an antidote to the usual schmaltzy offering in shops. Just for divilment (and a short time only) there’s 2 for the price of 1! Be sure to use the code PLAYER at checkout.

Pretty Mean

Irish-made Valentine’s Day stuff to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Irish-Made Valentine’

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8 thoughts on “Who Says Romance Is Dead?

  1. Fiona

    You’d hate it more if you were single, Mildred. I’m sending John Ryan the ‘Boxset’ one, he’s my BS crush.

  2. Frilly Keane

    can’t stand that scruffy scrappy font they use, so I’ll have to come up with something more fitting for

    you’re my Kitten Soft puppy

  3. Lilly

    I like the Boxset one, none of the rest. If you’re going to do Valentine’s Day, you may as well go all out, no mealy mouthed sentiments.

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