Science Of The Stretch


‘The Stretch’ in County Cork in early March last year

‘The Stretch’ starts today.

It’s not just grand. It’s vital.

Argues Professor Brian Norton, of DIT:

Daylight is a powerful cue to the maintenance of the circadian pacemaker within all of us that follows the cycle of night and day. Being crucial to the healthy regulation of our hormonal rhythms, it has a huge impact on our cognitive performance. More generally, the fact that the ultraviolet part of daylight kills germs means that it is also important for hygiene….

….Properly supporting the stimulus that maintains our daylight-driven circadian rhythms is also far from trivial. It requires a complex combination of light intensity, duration and timing of exposure to daylight, the amount of blue wavelengths in the received spectrum and that daylight’s spatial distribution. More emphasis on a holistic understanding of the many unexpected aspects of daylight will better allow us to optimise how we best use it.

So there.

There’s a grand stretch in the evenings… (Brian Norton, RTÉ)

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