Some Like It Hot


April 2015

Elizabeth Arnett, head of communications at Irish Water, with Alen Kelly, then Minister for the Environment, defend the Irish Water shambles.


Elizabeth Arnett, now head of corporate strategy at Ulster Bank, defends the institute’s tracker policy described as “robbery’ at a Joint Public Accounts Committee yesterday.

Good times.

Ulster Bank CEO absence blasted at hearing (Irish Examiner)

31 thoughts on “Some Like It Hot

    1. some old queen

      Whatever the rights and wrongs of Irish Water, Elizabeth had a hell of a difficult job. Now she’s defending the indefensible again. To say she likes a challenge is the understatement of the year.

          1. Andrew

            Why can’t you explain what YOU wrote to me?

            what is the aim of this post?
            Is it to point and draw attention to Elizabeth Arnett?
            Why would anyone want do that? What is it hoping to achieve?

  1. Brother Barnabas

    interesting how change in hairstyle can change (my) perception of someone

    she looks proper unpleasant in the first photo

    looks alright in the second photo

    1. Phelem Mooney

      Frames of her glasses are too large for her face. This is something that a competent optician would have advised her of. She must’ve gone to SpecSavers.

  2. Kolmo

    Pearse Doherty try to rip them a new one the other day, water of a ducks back though, brazen as sharks they were. – they are thieves, same as the low down bandits driving around in their vans robbing the elderly. They profited to the tune of €100,000,000 for what all the banks, simultaneously, called a “mistake”. Ms Arnette and her ilk have necks like a jockeys crackers. Now the AIB board want to decouple themselves from the state, not with any altruistic view to protect the Tax payer, no, it’s to be free to remove the €500,000 salary cap set by the state – is €500,000 a year not enough for these thieving sociopaths? Too placid a nation we are, any form of direct protest is regarded as radicalism here by the consensus managers.

    Viva Los Cryptos!

    1. Andrew

      Mission accomplished Bodger.
      Elizabeth Arnett is singled out by the above poster, the bank directors names don’t get a mention.
      Pearse Doherty gets a pat on the back for his menaningless grand standing

      1. Nigel

        Weird though it is to agree with Andrew, he’s right: singling her out lets the real culprits keep their heads down.

        1. Kolmo

          I agree – The real culprits employing Ms. Arnett should be up giving their version of their “mistake” that they all profited handsomely from. Is the Head of Corporate Strategy (a senior position in any bank) mentioned above responsible for heading the corporate strategy that was employed and implemented that caused such grief to thousands of ordinary, hard pressed people?

  3. Martco

    ugh…her again

    corporate bots like her constitute a very large part of what’s wrong with the world these days…

    1. Martco

      I doubt its spectacular actually Dav

      and let’s put it this way…if we were in another galaxy far far away I know which side she’d be working for

  4. Harry Todd

    She’s being used as engine oil in that rip-off machine called a Bank. They will pay by karma the lot of them one way or the other.

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