They Had ‘Nowhere To Go’


The Gate Theatre, Dublin 1

[workplace relations expert] Ms Gaye Cunningham received input from 56 individuals, including current and former employees and board members, and people in the freelance community.

The board said it apologised unreservedly to those who experienced the behaviours reported to Ms Cunningham….

The review catalogues what Ms Cuningham reports as “credible and consistent testimonies” of behaviours that indicate Mr Michael Colgan has a “case to answer” in respect of dignity at work issues, abuse of power and inappropriate behaviours.

Many of the participants reported feeling they had “nowhere to go” and that feeling appeared to prevent them from invoking grievance procedures.

Review finds Colgan has ‘case to answer’ over Gate behaviour (RTÉ)

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5 thoughts on “They Had ‘Nowhere To Go’

  1. Tim.

    Time for the government to remove the subsidy from the Gate. Especially in light of the fact that the investigation into the whole Colgan affair is not independent.

    1. Alastair

      Colgan is gone. Bit strange to suggest sanctioning those who’ve already had to bear the brunt of his bad behaviour.

  2. Kdoc1

    A related scandal is the remuneration package he received at the Gate. For running a 371 capacity theatre he was paid more than our Taoiseach!

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