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    1. Otis Blue

      The article states that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin estimates that the visit will cost €20m.

      Gonna be some hooley.

  1. HolyJoe

    Banks going to fund the Pope? Isn’t there enough in the Vatican Banks? The Vatican vaults? The priceless treasures and art? In fact, should Pope Francis decide to liquidate some of the Vatican’s assets he could feed the starving of Africa and the poor of basically anywhere. We’ve bailed out the banks and now we have to bail out the Pope cus the bishops here won’t sell some of their land.

  2. martco

    jasus…that sindo front page looking more like pure drivel than ever!

    oh & if anyone is worried about their heart or cancer or whatever possibly ails then & feels being screened will put their mind at rest…save yourself A LOT of money by simply visiting your GP…they will on request directly carry out & arrange as necessary these relevant ordinary tests for you just EXACTLY the same as Dinny’s expensive hospithotel there does for €585. wow.

    1. DeKloot

      A full set of blood tests will cost you about €80 inc the consult from your GP. If never done or not done in years, I’d strongly recommend you do this year. Prevention is the best medicine.

      1. Martco

        yup & a very sensible easy thing to do too BUY I’ve heard of so many people falling for this utter overpriced nonsense!? grinds my gears.

        get your GP to help you with this & spend the remaining 4 – 500 quid you’d save on something nicer than dinny for jasus sake like afternoon tea in a posh hotel somewhere if you must!

        & here’s a handy itemised cutout from their webpage if that helps you out:


        …is inclusive of the following screenings:

        Height &Weight & BMI (Body mass Index)
        Blood Pressure
        Stool test for blood
        Chest X-Ray (where indicated)
        Glaucoma Test (Tonometry)
        Resting ECG
        Full Blood Bio-Chemistry (Liver function tests, renal and bone profile, Lipid Profile, Diabetes test)
        Lung Function (Peak flow)
        Full Blood Count, ESR, CRP and differential
        Serum Ferritin on everyone >40 years of age
        PSA (prostate test) for men > 40 or with family history
        Thyroid Function Tests
        Hearing test
        Physical Examination which includes, General, cardiovascular, respiratory, abdominal and joints and muscle
        Lifestyle Assessment including Diet, Exercise, Stress and Advice


        nearly all these items are standard very normal GP territory, if you want an xray for something specific he/she can refer you for that & worst case you’ll pay 75-100 extra for it. shure that glaucoma test is normal in Specsavers!
        & your GP will likely know your & your families med history which can also be very relevant. grrr :)

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Would either of you have a recommendation for where one would get a full fitness check…

          That whole… running on a treadmill hooked up to a machine for measuring overall fitness and what have you.

          I have a push bike, but I’ve never darkened the door of a gym… hence my ignorance of this fitness testing :)
          Genuine question.

          1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            If you are outside Dublin, Health Matters can travel to you but minimum numbers will apply. Numbers will be determined by location and access to power and basic amenities will be required

          2. Martco

            no matter what get your basic baseline mot stuff done with your GP (‘tis good to keep an eye on this anyway) a full set of bloods will indicate most items (literally ask the GP to tick all the boxes on the form, many do their own clinics once a week the bloods are sent to likes of James for the pathology & a simple physical to start)
            for the more advanced fitness testing depends on what you’re aiming for…is it for sports fitness orientated like marathon? always found Santry Sports lads SSSC decent service not major money

          3. Clampers Outside

            Thanks Martco, I’ve been at that “basic baseline mot stuff” – GP visits, with plenty of blood tests for various what nots a guy of 46 should look out for. Doing that the past couple of years, and all’s pretty good. Surprised me :) yay!
            Almost five years off the booze, and a year since kicking… no, reducing a 20 fags a day habit, to one 30g tobacco pouch every three weeks – evenings only / plus a surprisingly low, i thought, use of ecigs during the day.
            Next… kick ’em altogether!

            I thought a full fitness test wouldn’t be a bad idea… and if not too bad, see if I can push myself on some sport.. preferably on a bike :)
            thanks again Janet for that link, and your recommendation too Martco

          4. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            Clampers well done with all your hard work on that, fighting the good fight !
            Go on treat yourself to some snazzy cycle gear :)

          5. DeKloot

            If you’re prepared to pay the money, the most important test you’ll do before anything serious is a CT calcium score test. It is a scan that will indicate the level of calcium (plaque) in your arteries and heart. A lot of folks leave it to a cholesterol test, but when approaching 50, this is he most important one. If it’s fine, get on with your life. If there are issues, then an angiogram is next. Anyways, for what it’s worth, my father died aged 63 so there’s hereditary heart disease in my family. I watch things very closely. My cholesterol is 2.50, HBA1c is 33 and BMI is 23. I have good fitness for 46. My last set of tests indicated I need a vitamin d hit as it’s lower than normal for a pasty white Irish guy. Bottom line is I know more about my system than most do about themselves and as a result I can make better decisions about my health.

  3. some old queen

    Co Derry woman says it is ‘extremely disheartening’ after UK Home Office appeals citizenship case again.

    The Home Office refuses to grant Irish Citizen Emma DeSouza’s husband a visa because she is from the north and will only do so if she becomes British. I’m not sure an online petition would do much good but it certainly would raise awareness of an issue which could potentially affect a lot of people, especially post Brexit. The Irish Government are surely obliged to support this case?


    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      good read
      interesting points
      knee jerk visceral reaction to these cases is so potent and human

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