Catholics For Repeal


Free next Monday?

A pro-choice information open evening in Ennis, County Clare…

Eilis Murphy writes:

 The President of the Washington-based Catholics for Choice, Jon O’Brien, said he believes Irish Catholics stand by women and trust them to be moral agents of their own lives.

Mr O’Brien, originally from Dublin, will be the keynote speaker at an open information evening which will launch Abortion Rights Campaign Clare’s campaign to Repeal the 8th Amendment

Also speaking will be Jenni Owen-Thomas of Parents for Choice in Pregnancy and Childbirth,  about how the 8th Amendment affects parents and families in Ireland.

Suzanne Leen and Michelle May from AIMS Ireland (Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services) will give a joint presentation about the adverse effects of the 8th Amendment on maternity services in Ireland….

Abortion Rights Clare  information open meeting at 7pm on Monday, February 19 at the Old Ground Hotel, Ennis., Country Clare.

Abortion Rights Campaign


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9 thoughts on “Catholics For Repeal

  1. Chris McCabe

    It’s time to respect women’s welfare & autonomy. The lack of access to abortion care doesn’t prevent abortions, but sends women abroad for the procedure. #repealthe8th

  2. rotide

    “he believes Irish Catholics stand by women and trust them to be moral agents of their own lives.”

    I just don’t get this. Either Abortion is murder, in which case noone should be allowed to have one or its not in which case anyone can have one if they wish.

    This ‘trust women to do the right thing’ is such choir preaching crap

  3. Demos

    However the many “pro choice” groups phrase their arguments and probably raise many valid points about improving maternal care – the choice is simple :
    1. The status quo
    2. Abortion on demand

    It would be so nice if this was the question on the ballot.

    I won’t be voting as I emigrated and now live in a country that has option 2. I’m not fond of option 2. but I live in a democracy.
    I wish everyone in Ireland well and hope that the campaign stays as civil as the Marriage Equality vote, that was a moment that still makes me smile.

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