Free This Evening?


The Stardust, Artane, Dublin 5 on February 15, 1981

At 6.30pm.

A vigil will be held  at the site of the Stardust nightclub, Artane, Dublin  5.

Today is the 37th Anniversary of the Stardust Disaster.

Forty eight people died in a fire at the club on Valentine’s night, 1981

Ciara O’Connor writes:

Those who attended the Stardust that night have been branded as responsible for what happened while those responsible have been protected by those in political circles ever since.

This is Ireland`s Hillsborough disaster and it is time for the communities of Dublin North East to come together to remember those who never came home and call for an independent inquiry to clear the names of all who attended the Stardust

Have they been forgotten?

Please give the victims and families 1 hour to show that the local communities have not forgotten these young people needlessly killed & injured.

Stardust Vigil (Facebook)

Pic: Eamonn Farrell


This afternoon.

Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

A candle lighting ceremony in memory of the 48 victims of the Stardust tragedy in 1981

Above from left: Gertrude Barrett who lost her son Michael (17), Eugene Kelly who lost his brother Robert Kelly, Antoinette Keegan, with her mother Christine at . Antoinette survived the fire, but lost both of her sisters, Martina (16) and Mary (19).

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

12 thoughts on “Free This Evening?

  1. les rock

    One of the biggest cover ups in this state. All because the owner was friends with the taoiseach of the time

    1. ollie

      Exactly. For those who can;t remember the windows were barred and fire doors were padlocked. This was done on the orders of Patrick Butterly because he was too tight to employ bouncers at the exit doors. Imagine: Fire service on one side of a door and people dying on the other side.

      But there’s a subplot:
      Charles Haughey was Taoiseach and Colm and Patrick Butterly owned the Stardust.
      Mr Justice Ronan Keane concluded that the cause was arson. His wife was terry Keane, a “close” friend of Haughey
      Justice Keane was heavily involved in the Turf Club, as was Haughey
      Patrick Butterly was well ensconced in Fianna Fail and regularly dined with government Ministers.
      “We were all Fianna Failers” Butterly said in his memoirs.
      Christine Keegan, who lost two daughters in the fire, Mary and Martina, received £7,500 compensation for each of them.
      Butterlys received almost a million pounds.

      1. Johnny Keenan

        Ollie thank you for such an informed analysis that we certainly won’t hear on 6:01. #RteBias the tool of the establishment.
        FF have established what kind of scum they really are.

        1. Topsy

          FF has long been shown to be made up of political deviants. However even though it’s only 10 years since the county was brought to it’s knees by the fuppers, FF will probably be elected to government after the next election. People have short memories.

        1. italia'90

          As was mentioned in the comments on the Derek Mooney piece yesterday, “Haughey never murdered anyone”, well he certainly protected a fair few. Don’t even mention the paedos he protected in Fianna Fail.

  2. :-Joe

    A vigil is good for awareness but we need more organised protests and co-ordinated action plans to get these and many other issues resolved. It’s depressing that people need to reminded of even more failings by FF/FG coalition of private capital and yet there will still be a 60%-ish plus turnout in foavour of them.

    Funny how the deluded FF/FG+newLAB establishment cranks don’t show up to comment when the subject is sensitive or it doesn’t involve SFor Jharry… or a chance to take a swipe at the so-called “left”. The “left” meaning those who are basically the majority of hard working local community activists with a social conscience, the type mostly alone as elected public representatives campaigining for and putting the community before profiteering and personal gain.

    Where are you all now to defend your utopian idealogy, the modern wonders of having a failed and corrupt democracy propped up by your delusions at the ballot to support your dual-faction, red vs blue team political illusion that you’ve sadly swallowed whole-heartedly into your boots?….

    The 60%-ish deluded voting public need to wake the fupp up, turn off the news cycle and start thinking for themselves for a change. A vote for the establishment is a vote against the interests of the country as a whole and ultimately your own self-interests. Unless, unfortunately you are mentally impaired or even worse you’re pre-programmed with soci / psych-opathy(which is more common than people realise) you must be just plain ignorant. If it’s the latter then well good news for us all because it can be repaired quite easily.

    If there’s nothing good worth voting for then don’t pick the best of a bad lot, either vote for a local independant who you can easily find and get your hands on later if they let you down or enter the system and try and do something about it yourself.

    You don’t vote for private capital and how it’s administered at the ballot box, you vote for the people who answer to it and the establishment has been bought off a long, long time ago.. You have no power to even communicate with private capital and you never will. Unless you want to follow the rules closely and diligently enough to become one of the greedy little traitors invited into the merry-go-round to perform for their amusement as an establishment politician.

    Too few people have way too much power over the lives of everyone in this tiny little Island country and apart from the spectacle, the good auld charade of government by the same party-politicians they don’t and won’t ever have to answer for any of it.

    Time to go and stick my head back in the vice for 10-12 hours…


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