Going Wild On Mooney


What a night.

A big, enveloping thank you to clockwise from top: a Velázquez self-portrait by Luke Brennan; Johnny Keenan; Marcel Kreuger; ‘Preposterous‘; Derek Mooney, Olga Cronin and Luke Brennan, our panel on last night’s Broadsheet on the Telly.

It was night dominated by the Disclosures Tribunal and the spectre of Sinn Féin – with Derek and Vanessa barely on the same page, both as implacable as the province itself.

Proceedings were becalmed by Luke’s latest etchings from Portugal.

The show can be viewed in its entirety above.

Our ‘at a glance’ guide:

00:00:10: Preposterous interrupted
00:00:12: Derek Mooney Vs Vanessa Foran.
Bedroom chat
01:22:50 :
Stardust Anniversary with Johnny
Disclosures Tribunal with Olga
01:36:30: .
Our man in Porto paints a picture.
Father Johnny Kingston’s Sounds
De papers
Awkward Silence

Language both salty and adult throughout.


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16 thoughts on “Going Wild On Mooney

          1. Not Gerry Adams

            but it was all meant to come to a head in november… then january… I’m starting to think it’s just a load of cobblers :/

  1. italia'90

    Was only my second time tuning in. Not much better than the first time tbh.
    John, can I ask you, would Vincent Brown let a party apparatchik away with the stream of Bullpoo you let Derek away with last night? Your deference to him was embarrassing in the extreme. You were interrupting Vanessa and asking her to treat him with more respect (more than he deserved imo) because he was a “guest”. Would kebabs get that treatment from Vincent do you think?
    It’s getting more and more like The Independent on Sunday around here. That’s not a compliment btw.

    Fair play to Vanessa, she caught him out royally when he contradicted himself.

    His attitude is typical of the FF canvassers who call here in north County Dublin when you ask them about their recent fiscal and policy failures of the last couple of decades.

    Don’t think I can tune in a third time.

      1. italia'90

        No apology necessary John.
        You might not have watched it back, but if you do you might see it in a different light?
        I really can’t see how you or anybody else for that matter, can be a good moderator on an internet panel discussion. The constant talking over each other does not make for a good discussion, or viewing.
        Derek has an agenda and is quite the blowhard with all his name dropping last night. He seems to suggest that only his mystical crystal ball is the true predictor of our political future on these islands. But it was his contempt for Vanessa catching him out that offended me. The moderation on that exchange was quite poor, more than once iirc? Can’t blame the rest of the panel for not wanting to get involved when you asked them :)
        Best of luck with it though.

    1. jusayinlike

      tbf italia, he’s the only right winger willing to take part in the show.. they’d like to keep it going id say..

      1. Frilly Keane

        Well I’ll say this about him
        He’s fearless

        Terrible manners and clearly has a problem with women.

        Which probably explains why FF is nowhere in Dublin

  2. some old queen

    Johnny K on the ball about Irish or indeed any real music on RTE. Daytime 2FM presenters only stop yapping long enough to bleach their teeth.

  3. Frilly Keane

    ah here Broadsheet
    nobody went wild on Mooney
    Mooney went ape on all’a ye ffs
    he took over the house
    dinklie doodoodied all over it
    like a man who had been constipated for a fortnight

    and nobody could say anting ’cause he was a guest

    it reminds me of the part in Trainspotting
    when that lad is trying to get out’ve the gaff with the washing

    ye know the bit when his walk of shame goes full slurry spreader?

  4. anne

    It all looked a bit seedy with the Sinn Fein hating-guest laying on the bed in his hotel. I kept thinking he was gonna strip for us and say.. “vote for me, not them lot baby” Maybe it’s just my dirty mind..but do they not have a lobby area in hotels or even like a desk in the room.

    Best bit “who you in bed with Derek” Johhny : ” FG” lol

    The guest got it very easy in fairness. And cmere John, you corrected Vanessa like a school teacher when she called him Mr.Mooney. “His name is Derek” “ah heooore, he’s our guest”.
    She’s not friendly with him, come off it.

    Vanessa is a bit rough around the edges and pipes up when she feels like it, but you don’t need to patronise like. Derek got off very lightly IMO.

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      I thought it was real classy myself not
      filming on his bed
      shows lack of respect to everyone to inflict that image and linen on folks

  5. Auto Corrupt

    I don’t know what anyone has to complain about. In the show previous Vanesa was asking for fair treatment regarding the interruptions from the moderator.
    The viewers and commenters regarded that as bullying, attention seeking and even accused her of being drunk.

    So why complain about Derek Mooney taking advantage of that?

    Broadsheet-On-The-Telly should have no problems attracting male guests when they can be this assured of comfortable treatment.

    I love Vanesa. She is my number one Goldilocks. Therefore I cannot help feel appalled that Derek Mooney could be allowed off from admitting that he was heartbroken that he could not break down her confidence., with all the boys there all but kissing him goodbye.

    Chivalry in Ireland is well and truly dead.

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