37 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time

  1. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    Good Night Grandma, Good Night John Boy, Good Night Locals Who Could Afford to Live in the Area or the Rents for Anything Other than Another Fuppin’ Burrito or Donut Shop for Millennial Tech Workers. Good Night Dublin.

      1. dylad

        Were you alive then? Dublin had a load of music shops though, and a lot of diverse non-chain shops. So prosperity hasn’t improved everything.

      2. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

        You could always go home to Britain – Brexit will bring back many memories for you soon.

    1. david

      I suppose since one cannot bring your car into the city any more its pretty impossible to use the luaus or number 61 to bring home your grand piano
      Another business that survived pretty much all the bad old days only to fid its self a victim to the boom boom times Leo the cheque is in the post varadka
      Between rent and rates insurances etc many retail businesses find it impossible to survive especially due to on line businesses
      I see in years to come no retail businesses in the city centres as the whole transport infrastructure is a joke

      1. Rob_G

        I’m not sure if physics is your strong point, but I don’t think people ever used cars to bring home pianos…

    1. Anomanomanom

      And the problem is what, boojum does lovey burritos, wow burger are far superior to the likes of bunsen.

        1. Anomanomanom

          I’ve never had a burger in bunsen that was actually cooked properly, no matter how many times I state well cooked.

  2. Optimus Grime

    This is such crap! Was sat beside a landlord at lunch today who was telling his friend “Just double the rent and tell them you need to cover costs. I think everyone in the place wanted to kill him.
    This new Celtic Tiger can do one as far as I am concerned….

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Walton’s, North Frederick St. was the place to go for music books, accordions, tin whistles etc. Had to go there to get a lot of stuff. No such thing as web orders. Even phoning was out, due to lack of phones. T’was a day out, going there on the off chance they had what you wanted….invariably they had mind you. Real professional outfit.

  4. The Bottler

    Anyone remember Leo Maguire on the Waltons radio programme on Radio Eireann? If you feel like singing do sing an Irish song. Ah bliss

    1. Gabby

      + 1 Sponsored programmes on Radio Eireann were delightful. The Waltons programme had a popular following.

  5. king Adolf von bratwurst

    I went in there looking for an epiphone ej160e four years ago. it would have cost around €400. they were main epiphone dealers but weren’t aware of a stock item in the epiphone catalog. they couldnt order it ….it would cost over 1400 Euro etc..I went home and ordered the guitar from thomann. for 400 had it a few days later . still have it .

    1. ivan

      I suspect Gibson don’t make it easy for their appointed stockists either, mind…

      (I’ve just looked – y’d have thought a ‘Guitar What Looks Like A Lennon Guitar’ would’ve been ‘known’ to them alright…)

    2. Liam

      been looking at buying a new guitar recently – was surprised that the likes of Waltons and Musicmaker are no more expensive than online megastores like Thomann or Gear4Music (though obviously the latter have better stock availability).

  6. Peter Rooney

    Very sad thing that. The Dutch government have stopped allowing businesses to open in certain areas of Amsterdam that cater only to tourists. Wasn’t too big on the idea at first but am warming to it. There’s a very good music shop on South William Street. Attractive staff if I remember correctly.

  7. Bort

    Not much to see here. Waltons have to close what is probably a non performing store in comparison to the rent.
    They have a huge shop in Blanch, they sell most of their stuff online. They are not forced out of business.

    But lets pray for not another Starbucks

    1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

      never set foot in Blanch or a Starbucks
      loved Waltons tho..
      Isn’t this a system of a failing rent cap situation in general ?
      I saw lots of signs on shops up near Stephen’s green saying the high rents and pedestrian plans was going to force them out ..
      I hope Dublin doesn’t turn into even more of an unlived in shopping mall/ fast food mecca

  8. Frilly Nation : The Rupture is real

    ah stop crying

    that shop was too big to keep staffed for the amount of trade they did from that location

    it takes a lot of tin whistles to meet 4/ 5 full time staff wages

    anyway, priced a music stand from them about 5 years ago that was over 300 yoyos cheaper online
    they also gave me a carbon fiber replacement (harp strings) when nylon was asked for
    and they swore blind they would be ok alongside the others

    When I got home there was murder – shur what do I know
    30 yoyos dearer too those fecking Carbon Fibre strings
    that they wouldn’t take back btw.

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