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  1. martco

    I agree..despite the free installation offer there you’re far better off buying in IKEA and diy, they’ve much better quality fittings & variety for that money

  2. Spud

    Could argue that the client wouldn’t be happy with the ad positioning, but I’ve now seen it here on BS, as well as a few Whatsapp messages… no doubt it’s on FB and others.

  3. TheQ47

    On an unrelated note, why does the headline read “Joanne husband” rather than “Joanne’s husband”?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Horrific. And the callous placing of this ad shows that nothing has been learned by the media since the kicking they got over the Invisible Woman Clodagh Hawe.

  4. Tony

    Yeah way to go drawing peoples attention to an instance of incredibly clumsy subbing by the Evening Herald. Happy now BS?

  5. bisted

    …back in the day the cheapest ads were ‘run of paper’ and at the printers discretion…they would have spotted this and probably have left this out rather than put it elsewhere…but then…Wapping put an end to printers…

  6. Bingo

    Was talking to two friends about this tragedy on Saturday evening. I was arguing that if possible, the media shouldn’t be informed of some details such as the wardrobe in this instance.

    What purpose does this detail serve the public other than to allow the media and readers speculate widely.

    “Missing lady found dead in house, man being questioned” is enough in my opinion.

    They disagreed.

    Now, this advert placing has potentially put family and friends of this woman under more stress.

    My point being that if the wardrobe wasn’t mentioned in previous reports, then this ad placement mistake (we assume) wouldn’t be causing more stress.

    Just my opinion.

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