Down To The Essential



Featuring Oscar (top) and Jim (middle).

A solo exhibition by Adam Pomeroy opening on Thursday March 1 (6 -7.30pm), at the Doorway Gallery No. 24 South Frederick Street, Dublin 2 and running until March 22.

Adam, a England-born, Clare based figurative artist, writes:

…My current work is concerned with minimalist realism, paring down representation to the essential, without sacrificing the integrity of the subject. ‘Nocturne’, is as much about what is not painted, as what is painted.

The subjects here are mere flickers of light, like the perception of ghosts. The intention is that the beholder’s eye will unconsciously supply what cannot be seen, giving the subject a perceived solidity that is illusory. “

In fairness.

Adam Pomeroy at the Doorway Gallery

Thanks Eithne


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