At The Grand Social, Dublin 1.

At 7.30pm

A tribute to comedian, singer songwriter,  conspiracy realist, poet and philosopher Bill Hicks with our Johnny (yer man off de telly!) MC-ing.

Tickets are €12 and proceeds will go to the Bill Hicks Wildlife Foundation and to help the homeless in Dublin.

Any excuse

Bill Hicks Tribute Night (The Grand Social)

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49 thoughts on “Free Monday?

  1. Father Filth

    It upsets me knowing he must have already been ill when he played at the Tivoli (Dublin). I have the ticket somewhere..

    He did a rather long and very graphic, ‘goat boy’ umm.. ‘seance’. People, mostly women, walked from the front few rows..

    ‘Like a whisp of cotton candy above a quivering rabbit’s nostril..’

    Bill had a way with words.

        1. rotide

          Robin Williams, Billy Connolly Richard pryor, Eddie Izzard and even Eddie muprhy in his prime are literally orders of magnitude better than bill hicks.

          Jesus, even Dennis Leary was better at doing what Bill Hicks did than Bill Hicks.

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            My favourite 5 are
            Bill Hicks
            Jackie Mason
            Billie Connolly
            Jerry Seinfeld
            Steven Wright

            Because I’m a man and we like lists :)

          2. Bertie Blenkinsop

            Seinfeld’s a comedic genius imo, I love his timing and delivery
            Jerry before Seinfeld is well worth a watch Rotide, honestly :)

        2. Neilo

          *sniff* Saw Hicks in the Tivoli* in December ’92. Smug and old: what a killer combination.

          *GPO in 1916 for comedy nerds

  2. Johnny Keenan

    Bill Hicks was right about everything.

    Imagine if that was the first question on the modern history leaving cert paper, hmmm.

    Bill Hicks riffing and railing against the new world order. He was talking about this in 1993.
    A sign of the times. If only we had done something since.
    Ah well!
    Go back to bed America and nothing to see hear #Ignoreland


        1. rotide

          For some of the same reasons highlighted in that article. They seem to be under the impression that they are the first people in history to wonder why drugs are illegal

  3. Father Filth

    I don’t get the Hicks worship, he was okay, but his ‘set’ pieces had been used for years by the time he got to Dublin. I don’t think that way of doing things would have aged well.

    I don’t think he was right leaning at all. That’s just people today where everything is ‘literal’, fupp nuance when you’re pointing at someone else eh..

    Big into nature, birds and wildlife, which he was keen about, that came as a bit of a shock. The persona he put on when he was live wasn’t him. That can be said for a lot of comedians. George Carlin was sharp as a tack into his old age, being interviewed on networks that would have been hostile to his manner. Pryor was a big hearted man, a quiet man, away from the mic.

    Fupp the snarky ageist ladypartbag further the thread. Thoughts and prayers. Smiley face. Volcano. Eggplant. that how it works?

    #doddery #confused #urine

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