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    1. some old queen

      Apart from stalling the referendum, what was the purpose of it anyways? It is the electorate who will decide.

      1. rotide

        One last time for the hard of thinking.

        The CA is a mechanism in which the country decides which issues deserve or need referenda. Instead of a government just snapping their fingers and announcing a referendum for an issue that maybe noone wants or need, the CA tries to ensure that we get the referendums we need.

        You keep pushing that narrative that Enda just wanted to stall an 8th referendum though.

        1. bisted

          …I believe the popular narrative is ‘kicking the can’…and Enda would never have resorted to that…

    2. realPolithicks

      The clear strategy of anti-choicers like you is to attempt to sow doubt about the process, whether its mullins and mcgrath with their grandstanding at the dail committee or this nonsense about the citizens assembly. The referendum has been called which means every citizen will get their say, its called democracy. The problem is that people like you don’t believe in democracy and you will try any dirty trick that’s available to stifle the will of the people. Let people vote and see where things stand at the end of it.

    3. ReproBertie

      Sentient, you do realise “liberals” isn’t the trigger word in Ireland that is in America, right? After all the main street of our capital city is named after “The Liberator” himself.

      If you’d bother your hole to read the article you’d see that this is a nothing story. Red C asked family and friends for people to put forward for the CA. This eventually resulted in 7 of the 99 people selected being recommended. The only people who see this as anything are the anti-women brigade who are desperate to do anything to try and delay the inevitable.

      1. Sentient Won

        11 counties not represented in the Citizen Assembly.

        It was not a true and fair representation of the people’s needs and opinions, it was an engineered persuasion machine designed to convince people that the governement’s agenda was their agenda.

        It was all lies. Just look at the evidence they presented for the so-called problem of climate change: Like their abortion discussion it was prejudiced and one sided.

        Lies, fake news, gerrymandered assemblies and rigged opinion polls are being used to try and bounce the Irish people into accepting policies they neither need or deserve. Just look at Harris in the Times today pretending that Abortion will protect Rape victims. It will do nothing of the sort, he’s just tying two trigger words together in the hopes that we are too stupid to realise he hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about.

        Liberal lefties lie. They always have. If they didn’t they’d have nothing to say.

        No referendum has been officially called yet but when it is and you lose the movement for “Repeal” (even after trying to fix the votes) you liberal leftie types will probably insist we have to vote again.

        “And get it right this time!”

          1. ahjayzis

            Oh stop whining.

            If the Citizen’s Duma was unacceptable to you, write to your local congressman or State Senator and have him raise it in the Majlis-e-Shora the next time the Shah convenes it.

        1. ReproBertie

          The CA was not about representing counties or towns. It was about a selection of citizens from across Irish society. The argument about missing counties and towns is pure parish pump politics and utterly misses the point of the assembly, which was a true and fair representation of people’s needs and opinions precisely because it didn’t waste time trying to tick the “someone from every gombeen politician’s electoral area” box.

          The government did not want this referendum. Abortion is, obviously, a very divisive topic and few politicians want to risk alienating a large chunk of their voters by being seen to be on one side or the other. When the CA came back with their decisions the government tried to water them down. Then the OC came back with the same decisions and the government tried to play it down but they have been backed into a corner and forced to accept that the people need a say on the 8th. It’s a bit rich to describe this as “an engineered persuasion machine designed to convince people that the governement’s [sic] agenda was their agenda” but why let facts bother you?

          The claim that we vote again on referendums because we didn’t get them right is a massive insult to those who worked to get the rejected EU treaties reworded, to deal with the issues raised by the Irish electorate, before presenting them to the people again. Of course it’s easier to just lie about it. With all this lying are you sure you’re not a liberal leftie?

          Also, climate change is real, despite what Humpty Trumpty would have you believe.

    4. ahjayzis

      It’s so obvious when braindead right-wingers basically have a direct feed from US fascist news sources.

      You don’t even speak in Irish political terms.

      It’s so funny that nativist types in Ireland speak a foreign political language.

      Note: Leo isn’t the leader of the GOP.

  1. Kdoc1

    “Membership of The Citizen’s Assembly was loaded to give the “preferred” answer on the Abortion Referendum.”
    No it wasn’t. Those assembly members to which you refer were only involved in the climate change element of the assembly’s work.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Begs the question as to how the others were chosen. RedC trying to stop an independent investigation, saying theirs is acceptable. Could be the parting of the RedC.

      1. bisted

        …I don’t often find myself in agreement with the likes of Rictus Doherty but if the referendum were held today it would not be for repeal…the anti-choice brigade are running rings round the repeal campaign…and that’s without the help of so-called advocacy groups…

      1. Neilo

        Anyone else amused by the ironic juxtaposition of a photo of Twink and the mental image of a twink? Thought not.

  2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

    as an aside if you haven’t seen it yet check out
    Three Billboards outside of Ebbing Missouri
    Best film I have seen in a long time

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      We’ve been meaning to alright.

      I am a longtime fan of Fran McD. She’s an excellent actor.

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