This morning.

Fianna Fail announced:

Fianna Fáil Housing Spokesperson Barry Cowen is undertaking a national housing roadshow starting in Sligo next week.

A series of meetings in towns across the country have been organised to discuss the issues facing homeowners, renters, people on the housing list and those without a home. These local discussions will be incorporated into the party’s housing policy.

The meetings will focus on:

– Social Housing Waiting List & Homelessness
– Rent Crisis
– Home Ownership
– National Planning Framework

Commenting on the Housing Roadshow Deputy Cowen said, “Housing is the key issue facing this Government. Homelessness has reached unprecedented levels, rents are at historic heights, home building numbers are tens of thousands behind where they need to be and some 85,000 people are on the social housing waiting list. All the while, ordinary workers cannot afford a place to own. This series of meetings in towns across the country is designed to raise awareness and get a sense on the ground about where the failings are, and more importantly, what can be done to address them.

“The Government has to start delivering on housing. After four separate plans and over a dozen launches it needs to put bricks and mortar in the ground. However, its flagship Re-Building Ireland plan is behind target already. Supply is the key issue that needs to be addressed to get to grips with the crisis in the private, social and rental sector. Re-Building Ireland has been in place for two years and the crisis is only getting worse.

“I am looking forward to debating the issues and adding to the renewed, focused housing policy which the party will launch after this process is complete.”

Fianna Fail to launch national housing roadshow (Fianna Fail)

35 thoughts on “On The Road

  1. Ron

    Approaching 10,000 people homeless in Ireland and this fcuukwit is looking forward to ‘debate the issues’. It’s a sure sign an election is on the way. This is nothing more than a party profile image building excercise, very similar to the way Varadker used the welfare cheats campaign to canvass for himself and ensure his picture was all over the place. It’s electioneering short and simple. The really sad part is that there are thousands of people in Ireland who will fall for this and will vote for them. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

  2. Andrew

    But Barry, we already know what Fianna Fail do when in government. You’ve been proven to be incompetent at best and corrupt mostly. You had to call the IMF. THAT is the ultimate failure.

    Barry Cowen:
    •Bridge Street, Tullamore, Co. Offaly: auctioneers business & mortgage brokering business.
    So Fianna Fail are on the rubber chicken circuit again. It’s tried and tested and the pixies have amnesia.
    Yeah. Fianna Fail failing the state continually since its foundation

  3. Col

    “the issues facing homeowners, renters, people on the housing list and those without a home”
    Is that all? What about… people who ARE homes?

  4. Alex Francis

    I say let Fianna Fail back in. They benefited thousands of people with the shared ownership scheme last time they were in power.
    What we got from Fine Gael in the last 7 years of housing crisis –
    1. First-time buyer income tax rebate of €20,000 for new build only — RUBBISH.
    2. Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan. Max value €320,000 for Dublin, Cork, Meath, Wicklow. €250,000 for the rest.
    – Great if you want to live in Tallaght. Useless if you want to live anywhere else in Dublin.
    Fine Gael are useless, self serving knuckle shufflers.

    1. qwerty123

      The Fianna Fail government in 2007 and the previous 2 before that were the worst administrations in the history of this state. Never forget. Your points on the FTB grant on new builds only is correct as is the max value on loans, but I would never say let Fianna Fail in again.

      1. francis almond

        Fine Gael have had 7 years to do something about housing and the 2 (TWO BLOODY ATTEMPTS IN 7 FLIPPING YEARS!!!) solutions they have proffered are useless for the majority of people.
        I’ll say it again – Fianna Fail shared ownership scheme housed thousands of people AFFORDABLY.

        I’ll tell you what’s wrong with Tallaght. I don’t want to live there – because (a). my cycle commute to work would be doubled from 18km a day to 36km a day. (b). my son would have to be re-schooled. (c). my partner (who looks after our other child) would be utterly isolated from her family, which I feel wouldn’t be great for the depression they’re being treated for.
        That’s what’s ‘wrong’ with Tallaght.

        My ‘angle’ is Fine Gael are not going to help you. Fianna Fail in the past did help the worker. Give them another crack.

        If there was an election in the morning who would you vote for?

        1. ahjayzis

          God the idiocy.

          They helped hundreds of thousands of workers into the dole queue.

          “He may have burned my house down but he washed the floors first!”

          1. francis almond

            Incorrect twaddle.
            Unemployment was as low as 5% under Fianna Fail. It’s 6.5% now.

            If ‘hundreds of thousands’ were made unemployed (not possible) it was through Fine Gael inability to deal with the crisis of 2010.

            Have a think for yourself

          1. francis almond

            If you read my reply you’d see the reasons for not wanting to live in Tallaght were for the welfare of my family. You strike me as the type who wouldn’t let reading get in your way to pass judgment.

          2. anyone

            your linking of an imagined life in Tallaght to a case of depression in your family was all I needed to know , thanks

            failed little snob

          3. francis almond

            You’re right Tallaght would be great for me! I’m glad you put me right by calling out the snobbery you perceive I have with your limited grasp of comprehension.

  5. LeopoldGloom

    Hold on, unless he starts lambasting his own brother for the part he played in the utter economic ruin of this country, nothing out of his mouth is worth listening to.

  6. filly buster

    they say that in a lot of murder cases, the culprit tends to hang around and offer help to find the killer and help however they can, as an attempt to throw the police off their scent. This seems very much like that.

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