You Can Come Out Now


This morning.

Glasnevin, Dublin 9.


The shelter indoors warning has been lifted as blizzard conditions caused by Storm Emma have passed, although a red weather warning remains in place for Munster, Leinster and Co Galway.

An orange alert is in place for the rest of the country.

…People are being urged not to drive anywhere unless it is absolutely necessary.

Storm in a teacup?

YOU decide.

‘No unnecessary journeys’ as red warning remains (RTÉ)

Last night: Snowverkill


This morning.

Dublin City Centre.

Oh, the humanity.


24 thoughts on “You Can Come Out Now

  1. david

    Down in Glandore west cork we have received less than 2 inch of snow
    We waited patiently as 4pm arrived the time of suicidal driving listening to the pantomime of health and safety and the magic of the weather service plant the fear of Christ into everyone
    You would of thought it was the day after tomorrow
    The reality as we stock piled and looted supermarkets in our minds looking for bread fuel and medical supplies the clock ticked then it ticked and ticked
    Watched reports of a male Teresa mannion individual in Enneskerry town centre stating only this morning there was no snow but now look at it
    I would of said a light coating of snow and it looked fine
    Meanwhile the clock ticked then ticked
    We deduced storm Emma lost her way so can any kind soul please watch out for her
    Some say she disappeared into Michael Noonan fiscal space
    I lived through 1984 and the massive snow blizzard as I remember it was not that bad I was in Cambria in 2010 minus 17 and things functioned
    This was total over kill shutting down a whole country and costing businesses thousands they cannot afford simply from the panic caused by the way it was handled
    The sad thing is when a real dangerous event happens in the future the powers at be will have no credibility

        1. b

          you are a tiresome bore David – there’s plenty of evidence of large drifts of snow across parts of Cork – it’s not possible to give exact localised weather forecasts

          “The sad thing is when a real dangerous event happens in the future the powers at be will have no credibility”
          maybe you should consider your own advice when you piss and moan and blame the government for every single thing; occasionally you may have a point and it will be lost in your rant

      1. Garthicus

        Thanks for that. Five years living in Toronto made me appreciate that the local authorities do the best they can here considering.

    1. Nigel

      If people getting enthusiastic enough about stocking up on bread that it became a national in-joke is what passes for panic I’d say we’re doing well you whiny cantankerous self-absorbed malingerer.

    2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      It’s horrendous in Clon. Glandore is never going to get heavy snow: it’s always sheltered.

    3. some old queen

      This was well flagged up in advance. If the authorities did not do what they done there would have been avoidable deaths and subsequent accusations of negligence. Some people just cannot see any further than the end of their own noses.

    1. EvilRobotDanny

      Depends which part I guess – there’s a foot of snow in my suburban Dublin garden and it’s snowing again now.

    2. Frilly Keane

      Well Crumlin Village/ St Agnes’ is still impassible
      Not one car has managed St Agnes’ Park since yesterday
      and this is one of the busiest bus routes in the country
      yes the country

      oh and its back snowing heavily here
      so in our case here
      the curfew should not be lifted

  2. Gringo

    An interesting experiment for measuring the obedience of the population to government edicts

    1. Rob_G

      It sure was – go out in your car there now, Gringo, and drive somewhere really fast, and let us know how you get on.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        It’s been chucking down snow all day here. Nobody’s outside anymore.
        I’m in Rathfarnham.

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