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  1. some old queen

    Heseltine takes a blow touch to May’s unity speech so. It’s getting surreal when people like him appear reasonable.

    1. Ami B and BS

      Heseltine is nobody in today’s Tory party. I wouldn’t read too much into what he says. It’s wishful thinking by the Observer here. Britain will get an a la carte Brexit deal

      1. scottser

        If they were in any way competent maybe but May and Co won’t be the ones to deliver it.

    2. david

      So why should there not be a special arrangement between north and south as in trade kept the same
      That’s what the UK is looking for also what Ireland are looking for
      Lets face it we were allowed to Chunnel all the profits through Ireland for multinationals and they escaped paying tax
      Imagine all trade between Europe and the UK and vice versa doing this
      Imagine all that money that would go into our road networks imagine the employment
      Sadly Europe will not buy that one
      Tell me why cannot the EU do trade deals with the UK that keeps the status quo?
      Europe wants to bury the UK and Ireland role is being the patsy
      Wake up little boy Leo the game is way above your head

      1. Nigel

        Yeah if only there had been some way to keep the trade deal arrangements between the UK and the EU the same as they always were.

        1. anyone

          You’re living in a fantasy world Nigel. Britain will get a special deal. Too many business interests in the EU depend on the City of London for access to finance. Lots of cards to play.

          1. Nigel

            Not really responsive to what I said but ok. The EU is dying to sort out a special deal of some sort while the UK is tying itself in knots.

          2. anyone

            You think the EU is ‘dying to do a special deal’ ? Not if recent posturing is for real.

          3. Nigel

            Patience is running thin, it’s true. The second the UK gets its act together is the second a deal starts to take shape.

          4. anyone

            Coveney was squirming like a little frog on the point of a pitchfork this morning on Andrew Marr, he has had his day, as Marr skewered him again and again, you could see the slow realisation on his dimwitted face that his bluff was well and truly called

        2. david

          Yea and who is against that?
          The EU call it having your cake and eat it
          You will see through time every time the EU will find some objection and we will be used

          1. david

            Nigel the hard line unionists do not want a border at the Irish sea and when varadka stated on that deal not to notify them when they found out they went mad
            The EUs small print means a border on the Irish sea
            To anyone with a brain this means the north by stealth is part of the EU and by stealth it effects the constitution of the UK

          2. Nigel

            We patiently await the great DUP-Brexiteer counter-proposal that will keep the border as it is in order to preserve the GFA. Take your time.

          3. anyone

            That’s best described as a negotiating position though David.

            It’s clear that the North doesn’t even support Brexit itself. In the end NI will get a special deal with its EU subsidies ring-fenced for a generation and you and I will pay.

            No-one is better at squeezing money out of idiots than the DUP/Sinn Féin. Why the latter won’t take up their seats in Westminister is they get more dole that way.

      2. some old queen

        Is there any examples of eu member states who have special deals with trading partners outside the block? Genuine question.

        1. anyone

          Denmark and Sweden have a common energy trading bloc with Norway, but of course what you MEANT to ask was whether there are examples of member states who do whatever they like all the time, only paying lip service to the common market or to freedom of movement?

    1. some old queen

      He’s a camp chap and was taken seriously (for a while) by the republican right while rubbing gayness in their faces. My enemies enemy is my friend etc. He’s full of poo but I like him. He also made a lot of money of course.

      1. Nigel

        The right love him, though . A gay man who also happens to be an utterly awful human being? Who’ll bask in the Nazi salutes of people who want to send hIm to the ovens when they get tired of his schtick? Perfect for the right.

        1. anyone

          if you watch Fox News for any period of time (purely in the interest of research, know your enemy and all that) you’ll note that they have women on with silicon tits and beautiful skin and hair who are against feminism, black guys who are ‘conservative’ and so on. Common tactic.

          During Gulf War II they used to constantly have everyone’s favourite thinking gay Andrew Sullivan on as a proxy for war as well, as Maher cleverly called it there, Milo is a young, alive gay Christopher Hitchens.

          1. some old queen

            True but he thrives on outrage. If people just shrugged their shoulders when he comes to town, he would disappear. Instead they demand he is banned which is exactly what he wants.

            He bleats on about free speech but is never for anything, always what he is against, and most of that he doesn’t even believe in. He was against equal marriage for example, then trotted off and got married. He is a real world troll but even that is well past its sell by date.

          2. Nigel

            His free speech thing, replicated across the alt-right, is a pretext whereby the more ‘respectable’ right, acting as first amendment absolutists, can roll in behind people like Milo and Nazis, vehemently supporting their right to free speech, especially on campuses, while maintaining a nod-and-wink distance from their more obviously horrible ideas and deploring the people who protest them, inflating antifa into a humongous bogeyman. They tend not to get so riled up when pro-Palestinian groups have similar problems, though.

          3. anyone

            That’s true. We saw that very clearly at Charlottesville.

            Free speech is a right not a privilege

          4. some old queen

            The free speech thing is a push back against the PC mafia because that has become what conservatives used to be. The problem is that even a stopped clock is right twice a day and when it comes to the campus culture, he makes some valid points.

            He is not well liked among the old school Christian republicans or the white supremacists because he is gay and in that sense, he is rubbing their noses in it. But it’s all about hate. Who he hates and who hates him. He’s a one trick pony.

          5. Nigel

            If you need someone like him to make your valid points, then they might not be as valid as you think. If they are valid points, then they’re wedges used to draw people in and give him validity. People who hate gay people have their noses rubbed in it every day through the mere existence of gay people. Milo is the pet gay person they get to rub in everybody else’s faces. It’s not about who he hates and who hates him, it’s about people who push him – inviting him to campuses as a provocation, screaming about free speech when people get provoked – people who cheer him on, and people who shrug and say he’s got a valid point in there somewhere, and get a laugh out of him because he upsets the right people.

          6. some old queen

            Yes I have wondered how money became so easily available to sue Simon & Schuster. There is clearly backing from somewhere and it is always republican groups who invite the likes of Coulter and him. But, some of what is going on in American campuses is just plain silly and he is capitalising on that.

            There is no point in getting outraged by these sorts because that is the sole reason for their existence. It’s all about juvenile goading and a lot of people just don’t seem to get that.

          7. Nigel

            I don’t get outraged by him, or maybe I do when I bother to think about him, but that doesn’t matter. (Though I’d rather get outraged about something or someone that is obviously disgusting and outrageous than be the sort of person to get outraged at people getting outraged, which is Milo’s real target audience.) But it’s hard to ignore the right using people like him as a stalking horse, championing the civil rights of people whose civil rights aren’t under threat and who will remove all civil rights if they get into power, while ignoring, degrading, demeaning and attacking genuine civil rights activism, not to mention third level education.

          8. Clampers Outside!

            “I don’t get outraged by him…”

            Haven’t you called me a right wing Nazi sympathiser for posting links to Sky News and the like featuring Milo… :)

            I think you do get outraged by him Nigel, in fairness.

          9. anyone

            Historically the left have been far more brutal at suppressing dissent and blocking free speech

          10. Nigel

            If you’re weighing the brutality and supression of, eg, Nazi Germany versus Stalinist Russia I suppose the latter would win through sheer longevity , but I think the important lesson would be that brutality and supression can find a home anywhere on the political spectrum.

          11. some old queen

            Thing about Milo is he is saying things about Islam that a lot of gay men think. Why should we welcome those who would throw us off buildings if they could?

            It’s a reasonable question.

          12. Nigel

            SOQ that’s a good question. When Milo asks it he’s doing so as an apologist for the alt right, who are themselves virulently homophobic.

        2. anyone

          Yea I see a more balanced flavour there now Nigel but only after I called out your bias

          1. Nigel

            You can call it a bias but it’s really more a point of view. I’m critical of the right because it’s given us Trump and Brexit and champions the likes of Milo. I’m critical of the left for more complex reasons, but nobody’s interested in nuance these days. My biggest bias is that anyone who thought Trump was better than Clinton is a thundering fool.

      1. Ami B and BS

        Typical lace curtain Lilly vacuous sneering comment

        Should you not be off watching Maura and Daithi?

        1. anyone

          It’s wack the way all the camp weirdoes change their names.

          Anyone watching the Assassination of Gianni Versace the other night?

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            Have Versace recorded.

            “Save Me” on Sky Atlantic is well worth a watch if you’re at a loose end, it’s on demand as well which is useful.

    2. dylad

      I’ve no strong opinions about Milo really. The guy on the cover of the SW reminded me of him; I just liked the idea of him being in the middle of the looting in south Dublin.

        1. anyone

          How are they ‘less prevalent’? What sort of reactionary BS is this? What’s your yardstick?

          On second thoughts, don’t bother replying.

  2. david

    Garda set up strike team for looters
    Dose that mean the garda will strike over looters?
    Gardai could not even get down initially because garda 4×4 could not work in the snow
    Courts release all but 2 on bail
    To be honest what is the point when garda cannot arrive and when caught courts release this scum
    More talk no action from Leos dim bright things

  3. david

    So 100 billion was channelled through this country through the IFC
    Russian companies and wherevis the regulator? Asleep
    Its time for these chaps to be cattle prodded to answer
    So how many more dubious funds companies organisations or terrorist organisations used our country?
    Seems nothing has been done and David drum ex Anglo was right on the money regarding clowns in the central bank
    Maybe it should be revealed how much tax was gained for the people from this massive trillion dollar what I call money laundering facility operating with the blessing of Leo the cheque is in the post varadka

  4. david

    Its hard to get a grasp on the exact amount of little Leo Verruca’s SCU unit is costing the taxpayer
    First we hear 1.5 million then today we hear 5 million
    Its time a body separate from any government influence was up and running to reveal publicly the dirt and I do not mean deposit interest retention tax
    It should be funded through a levy on all government TD and senators wages much like a USC that was introduced on taxpayers salaries to pay for the bust
    Lets call it a SCUM tax

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