Look Who’s Stalking



Any excuse.

Previously: Elaine Byrne on Broadsheet

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75 thoughts on “Look Who’s Stalking

  1. Ana.

    Elaine Byrne. The person who wrote a book on corruption in politics. And then got Michael McDowell to launch the book. Sharp as a pin.

  2. newsjustin

    Some people who live in the country, in common with some people who live in remote areas of other countries, try to convince themselves that they are more self sufficient and less reliant on the state for their basic needs. Or that they live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. When, in fact, the exact opposite is true.

    1. Risbus

      This comment tread is just another example of how woeful broadsheet has become. Lowest common dominator personal attacks

  3. david

    Jesus I have it on the menu tonight and rabbit
    Maybe a baying mob of city folk in a torchlight procession like a Frankenstein film baying mob are heading to west cork
    We really are Satanists us country folk with our 4x4s and burning our turf fires

    1. Pat Kenny

      Should I do a special on this? You could phone in on Skype from your backwoods abode

  4. Snow Keane

    Fair play ta’her
    Silvio’s across the way here was open all week
    n’ I’ve a freezer I’ll never see the bottom of tis that full of cheezus knows

    Each to their own
    Nathin’ wrong wi’ it

  5. Rob_G

    “Attention seeker goes looking for attention; succeeds, to a limited degree” – fixed your headline for you there, BS

          1. mildew st. meadowlark

            I have everything to do with it.

            I’m the only princess round these parts. Now kindly feck off and find your own kingdom.

      1. anyone

        Ami watch out – they don’t like a mouthy woman in here, especially the other ‘women’

          1. Ami B and BS

            Typical frilly Keane has to make anyone else’s post about her in some way. Get a life!

          2. Frilly Keane

            Shur’ how da’ ..CK would you know what I get up ta
            Or what I’m like
            You’re not here a slushy weekend


          3. Ami B and BS

            Sure you act like you own the place! And what’s this writing like you have a bit of turf stuck in your mouth? What’s that all about? Rawdly Doyle is it? Deluded

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          You’re right. You caught me out.

          I’m actually a man in a dress and a rather fetching wig.

          Foiled again.

          1. mildew st. meadowlark

            Why thank you.

            The beard can be distracting, I know, but I’m working on it.

        2. Brenan

          noone has a problem with mouthy women. It is the stupid,delusional & aggresive that the ” women” have a problem with. Ami is like Leather Jacket Man. Best to ignore or she will bore you all to death

          1. mildred st. meadowlark

            So many of us are asking same question about you, pet.

            What nasty little hole did you expelled from? Why is poison less vitriolic than you? Do you even have a soul?

          1. Brenan

            She is. Said so herself. She spends her time attacking other women. It is really fupped up. Ask Lily.

          2. jusayinlike

            Ami b = anyone = Warden of the snort = Pat Kenny’s wife

            All his previous accounts have been banned, he’s most likely been banned off the journal hence he trolls bs.

          3. Ami B and BS

            Lace curtain Lilly is no shrinking violet. Spends most of the time here attacking travellers and looking down her nose at all others. As for this jusayinlike pondlife … hard to know what their angle is … gets some weird kicks anyway

    1. anyone

      No offence Pat but could you please rein in that missus of yours?
      Some of them haven’t a lot of time for her in here.

          1. Ami B and BS

            And PS why doe it take hours for your comments to appear? Must be banned yourself are you? No surprise there

  6. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    George Hook material.

    To be fair, deer have to be culled, so shooting is allowed. Unfortunately, culling of journalists is more badly needed, but it’s illegal.

    Did she own the firearm? Does she keep it locked up? Dumb advertising on per part.

      1. Snow Keane

        I would agree with that

        in general like

        go into the Frilly archives and see stuff that would make Terry Mc occupy sum’ting

          1. Frilly Keane

            You betcha

            But watch how I don’t go crying ta the mods looking to get contributors banned and deleted
            Or put together a herd
            To do me durty work
            Or go over ta’ Twitter and elsewhere and snake up on lads
            Or cry troll

            I stand alone
            On me own

      2. Lilly

        Ami is not a woman. He’s a pathetic attempt at a man masquerading as a woman for his own demented reasons. The kind of guy that clears a room faster than the bouncers in Coppers.

        1. Zoella

          Don’t feed the trolls Lilly. With a bit of luck, he’ll soon discover his toxic kin over at the journal.ie.

          1. Ami B and BS

            That’s how it is is it? If you don’t conform to the politbitchburo here it’s because you “wandered over from the journal?”. You people are not well

    1. Dublin Bus Smoker

      She’s not in public life. She writes for a little-read newspaper and has a Twitter account.

  7. Happy Molloy

    if people are going to eat meat they should see an animal being killed.
    it’s a lot more honest than pulling meat out of a plastic wrapper from the shop.
    I really dislike hunting for sport but if you eat what you kill then it’s fair game (pun very deliberate)

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Aye, this.
      Don’t have a cow man, have a half a cow :)

      I remember we’d get “a side” of a cow from Uncle Jack. Half a cow.

      The cow, picked from a field weeks before, sometimes I’d have seen which one it was.
      And sometime later after the slaughterhouse, and the meat hung, it arrived.
      The kitchen became a meat factory with carving knives, saws and the swish-swish rhythm of sharpening heard over the old tube Hoover. There’d be four or five of us working to label, seal with twist-ties (feckin’ things were a pain!) as we vacuum-bagged pieces of meat with the Hoover. Filling a chest freezer with half a feckin’ cow :)

  8. Nigel

    Okay not everybody does it by any means, but shooting deer and storing the venison isn’t particularly rare, either. Someone dropped us off a cut a while ago, we made a lovely stew.

  9. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    If she doesn’t like the urban crowd then start writing for the Farmer’s Journal.

    On your bike Byrne, training for the 70.3 tin man.

  10. joe blogs

    it was said above but ill echo it, deer need to be culled as if we do not control their numbers having no natural predators would decimate the countryside, this is coming from a nature lover

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