A Friend In Need


The Paddy Box

Do you know someone abroad who might like this Irish care package in time for St Patrick’s Day?

Rob Kenny writes:

‘The Paddy Box’ are today excited to announce the launch of two additional care packages to the ‘Paddy’s Day Box’ and ‘The Easter Box’.

An Irish company, The Paddy Box offers a wide selection of care packages aimed at Irish living abroad who miss home.

To celebrate the launch, we have ONE Paddy’s Day Box to send on March 17 to friend of a Broadsheet reader living ANYWHERE in the world.

To enter, please complete this sentence.

‘Send a Paddy Box to my mate_______________________________who left Ireland in ____[Name of Year] and what I really miss about them is ________________________’

Lines MUST close at 7.45pm MIDNIGHT 5pm Tuesday

The Paddy Box

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29 thoughts on “A Friend In Need

  1. Nilbert

    Send a Paddy Box to my mate___Brian who left Ireland in __1847 and what I really miss about them is _my pair of good shoes and the bag of spuds that he stole while I was sleeping in a ditch, the thieving git! _______________________

  2. Tom

    People going abroad and obsessing about Tayto yet they probably hadn’t eaten a packet in a decade whilst they lived here.

    1. Audrey kane

      ‘Send a Paddy Box to my sister Dawn who left Ireland in 2012 and what I really miss about her is how we regularly shared tea, chats and chocolate and she made everything better. I Sent her a pack of Curly Wurlys and a couple of Barry’s teabags in the slow post two weeks ago so if you could send her the Paddy Box that would great… she needs some good chocolate in her life right now’ xx

  3. fionnuala killeen

    Send a Paddy Box to my mate Deirdre who left Ireland in Nineteen Ninety Three and what I really miss about them is their kindness, generosity and now her children

  4. Bertie blenkinsop

    Please send a paddy box to my mate Sam who left Mayo in 1951 and has never quite managed to make his way back.

  5. eveville

    Please send a Paddy box to my mate Denise who left decent tea, proper crisps and real chocolate in 1986. Her taste buds need awakening

  6. Frilly Keane

    Please send a Paddy box to my sister Jack Jack ( yeah I know – it stuck) who left Cork in 1989 for New York. I don’t know what that year was called the goat monkey whatever, but I know t’was Cork Footballers 3rd year in row to make the All Ireland, and finally won after the 2 most brutal years in Gaelic Football history ( we bate Mayo to win btw).
    What I really miss about Jack Jack is robbing stuff from her wardrobe.
    And the odd fiver / tenner she would gimme from her wages if I was going out.

    Anyway the contents of that box looks like her suitcase everytime she heads back after a visit. Maybe needs a few jars of Irish Marmalade alongside some Cream Crackers; but shur I can sort that out for ye.

  7. Raven

    ‘Send a Paddy Box to my mate Angela who left Ireland in 1996 and what I really miss about her is her warm, ready smile and wild laughter, as we put the world to rights over endless pots of tea and Kimberley biscuits. When life was rough, the tea was replaced by copious glasses of Jack Daniels and coke.’

    She was due home on Friday for a few days but her flight was cancelled with the Beast from East working it’s magic ;-) This box would cheer her right up.

  8. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    ‘Send a Paddy Box to my mate REDACTED who left Ireland in REDACTED and what I really miss about them is paying their fair share of income tax in Ireland’

  9. Gillian

    Send a paddy box to my uncle George who left Ireland in 1984.
    I miss his reminiscing of Ireland.
    Last time my mum sent him a pack of tayto, he ate the lot in the garage before anyone else would find out!

  10. realPolithicks

    Send a Paddy Box to my mate RP who left Ireland in 1987 and what I really miss about him is his intense intellectual curiousity, sparkling personality and astonishing natural good looks*

    *Asking for a friend.

  11. Murtles

    Send a Paddy Box to my mate Trish who left Ireland in 1989 and what I really miss about them is, well she’s me big sis and is a world class smuggler of Cadbury and Tayto everytime she travels home from Ireland. I do believe she thinks they’re contraband and as her inventiveness of hiding it gives me a giggle everytime, I’m not telling her otherwise.

  12. Rob_G

    ‘Paddy’ box – jeez.

    I look forward to the day when they expand their operations to other nationalities, when shoppers can buy a ‘Paki box’, ‘Chink box’, or perhaps a ‘Spic box’ :/

      1. Cian

        why would BS edit that? Rob_G is pointing out how ‘P*ddy’ is a derogatory term like the others. If they are not acceptable – why is ‘P*ddy’

        1. filly buster

          “p*ddy” hahaha .. i dunno, i never got offended by Paddy. It’s just a name. It’s how someone says it. If it’s said in a derrogatory way then it is derrogatory. Other than that, it means nothing to me. Anyway, I think the company is irish. So it doesnt matter. It opens up the doors for Pakistan making a “P*ki Box” as Rob_Gee suggested.

  13. filly buster

    ‘Send a Paddy Box to my mate MAMMY who left Ireland in 2018 and what I really miss about them is HOW SHE USED TO HELP ME WITH MY DAILY INJECTIONS AND GETTING MY MEDICATION.

  14. malarkus

    ‘Send a Paddy Box to my mate Johnathan who left Ireland in 2013 and what I really miss about him is calling him Jonathan to his face, because his name is John, but he gets really annoyed by the former (misspent youth trying to convince him, aged 7, that his birth cert was wrong) so getting a box to his alias would initially infuriate but then make him laugh. Also he’s a Cork boi at heart so he loves a good Barry’s’

  15. Cloflo

    Send a Paddy Box to my mate Niamh who left Ireland in 2009 and what I really miss about her is her propensity for spontaneous not-thought-through idiotic schemes, like unsuccessfully stalking Damien Dempsey after a gig, getting a ferry to France then missing it and driving through Wales and England instead, or signing up for a bike race in the Burren with no bike or gear of any sort, and obviously roping me in on every occasion. She’d appreciate the Irish chocolate the most (our friendship nearly ended when I offered one of her mini Twirls to her American flatmate when I visited a few years ago…)

  16. Audrey kane

    When will the winner be announced for the Paddy Box ? My sister is getting edgy without her chocolate and tea fix

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