From left: 2FM DJ Dave Fanning and E! host Ryan Seacrest


Ahead of the Oscars, Dave Fanning appeared on The Marian Finucane Show on RTÉ Radio One to give his movie predictions.

Matters soon moved to the #MeToo movement.

Dave Fanning: “…The gowns and skirts have taken over have taken over. They’re much more important

…One of the guys who normally asks that question [‘What are you wearing?) the one we see on our side of the world is on E! channel and it’s Ryan Seacrest and hes the biggest in America  of all that  thing and, up to yesterday,  he wasn’t going to be allowed do it because he’s a victim, once again, of all the #MeToo thing as well.

He’s got this stylist [The alleged victim is in fact, a woman, single mother Suzie Hardy] who says that for seven years he’s been abused on some level [The claims include several acts of ‘unwanted sexual aggression’ against the E! presenter including grabbing Ms Hardy’s vagina]  for so there are a lot of victims out there and, in fast,  it’s going to change the Oscars tonight in certain ways.”

Marian Finucane: “Do you think?:

Fanning: “Well, I’ll tell you like, what do you call him? Casey Affleck…”

Finucane: “Yeah?”

Fanning: “…who has been accused of things before this supposed movement happened in the last while by Tamara Burke or Tamanya Burke, is that her name?  [It’s Tarana Burke] who started the whole thing and who by the way doesn’t care tonight whether people wear black, yellow, orange or red because the point was made at the Golden Globes.

But the point is that he (Casey Affleck)…normally  every year the best actor from last year gives the best actress award and vice versa and all the rest.. Well he won it last year for Manchester by the Sea and he won’t be there tonight. he will not be presenting Best Actor…Actress Oscar tonight.”

Finucane: “He was uninvited?”

Fanning: “I think he kind of might have uninvited himself. There’s a lot of that kind of thing. Like I mean even this week, Jeffrey Tambor who is a huge actor from Transperant on TV and that, he’s in trouble as well. He won’t be playing in the next series of Transparent if there is one at all, he’s been sacked or stepped down and you’ll know him from a thousand things in the past…”

Finucane: “Because you’ve been following the film industry for ever, you approve of this don’t you?”

Fanning: “Of what?”

Finucane: “Of the whole movement?”

Fanning: “I thought you meant approve of the Oscars. I don’t give a damn about the Oscars but it’s great fun. Well, yeah, the thing about it is. I’ll give you an example. Kylie Jenner, who like  is famous for being nothing, famous for being famous or whatever and the only reason all that family, there Kardashians, is actually so famous is because their father was a lawyer in the OJ Simpson trial and something happened in ’97 but we’ll put your family on TV and that.

Like you can give out about influencers, you can give out about people who are important and shouldn’t be important or whatever and a lot of people don’t like this backslapping stuff that goes on at the Oscars etcetera. I mean, she did a tweet last week about Snapschat about ‘ooh, I don’t like Snapschat“. One point four billion was wiped off the price of Snapchat the next day.”

Finucane: Really?

Fanning: “So don’t take away from whatever you might think about influencers they really do have . So the Hollowood people while they shouldn’t they really do have so when they do something or say something I do think it’s possible that corporate America might change the way it has been going on, the factories might change the way their going on and the film industry because it is a huge powerful movement…OK you throw out the baby with the bathwater in some cases.”

Finucane: Yeah

Fanning: “Some people will go ‘wait a minute, why am i getting it? or whatever but actually a pretty damn fine thing and I’m not against it. I think it’s about time.”

Neat, man.

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18 thoughts on “Ah Dave

  1. lolly

    I listened to that and was initially appalled at his use of the word ‘victim’ – I think it was just fanning being inarticulate and bumbling over his words as usual – he does at the end claim to be very supportive of MeToo etc.
    he has weird ideas about movies anyway, likes (and dislikes) all kinds of strange things.

  2. kellma

    I love Dave Fanning. Met him once or twice and he is a really nice chap too but crikey this is a bit rambly…

  3. dan

    Dave needs to be suspended until he comes around to the new orthodoxy: all men are bad, and part of a giant conspiracy keeping women/minorities down. Hopefully he will learn.

    1. dylad.

      No it’s just some very defensive men and women who simplistically characterize people standing up against bullies as ‘attacking all men’, which they clearly aren’t .

  4. Happy Molloy

    I like Dave but he’s a man who needs to be heard rather than read. And even then…

  5. The Ghost of Starina

    Fanning dropping some buzzwords in purely random pattern in the hopes that they shall assemble themselves into a form that confirms, yes, he IS down with the kids. He knows Bono.

  6. steve white

    sarcasm doesn’t come across when its written down, and maybe its not appropriate

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