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    1. DeSelby

      10″s of thousands. FFS. Clearly the”pro-life” brigade have a contact in the Times. They unquestionably published that charlatan John McGuirk’s nonsense without any reference to reality.

      I actually thought that the Times was better than that.

      1. david

        Every side must have a voice
        The usual baying mob which is a kin to antisnobbery and the reverse of the crimes of the catholic church
        Just because someone is anti abortion it dose not make them either ignorant stupid or evil

        1. DeSelby

          And that is somehow related to my comment?

          John McGuirk claimed yesterday that 100,000 people attended the so-called pro-life march. It’s a ridiculous claim. The Sunday Times gave it some validity by saying 10s of thousands attended, which is equally ridiculous, given the capacity of the events location on Merrion Square

  1. johnny

    anything good not in the irish Sundays ?
    “More broadly, the Examination raises serious questions about the culture in our lending institutions and the extent to which the boards and senior management of those institutions are really living up to their promises of putting the customer at the heart of their business. In the years since the financial crisis, there have been significant misconduct issues identified at financial institutions both internationally and domestically. Amid concern that such misconduct can threaten to undermine the safety of financial institutions, there is an emerging trend towards more intensive regulatory focus on governance and conduct issues.”

    twice as many surrender voluntary,a bit unirish!

    “Since Q3 2009, 8,195 PDH properties resulted in loss of ownership with 2,721 resulting in repossession from a court order and 5,474 properties surrendered voluntarily.”


    1. david

      really experienced in gambling that led to the demise of his company then the Russian connection the burying of assets and the jail sentence
      Now cleansed at the taxpayers expense he is now back as a bookie
      What’s the odds on that one?

      1. johnny

        what he built didn’t ‘go away’ only his beneficial control over it, he’s dusted himself off and gone back to work.given the number high paying permanent jobs,hes created great have him back.

    1. Martco

      ah Katherine I don’t know about that now. ‘tis a good picture tho in her “loving the 8th” cap a quiet sadness going on I imagine has to contend with whatever parenting & programming dynamic is going on at home…did they wheel out any children who have Down Syndrome yesterday? or slop some buckets of guts about? maybe that will come a week before the vote. anyways.
      I’m now gonna to help my adult-ish kids prepare a nice Mother’s Day dinner for mrs martco now, a verrry slow roast lamb shanks rosemary & garlic with roasted carrot n parsnips & a super creamy maris piper mash & undoubtably the best gravy ever to pass the lips (you listening Frilly?) and by a long way the best bottle of wine for a tenner I’ve ever come across in this part of the world currently in the O’Brien’s. all going well will be on the table @6pm. nomnomnom.

        1. martco

          making a orange choc mascarpone tart with some bought in vanilla icecream
          tis a day for food…hope you get some special treatment today Frilly! best wishes etc.

          1. Frilly Keane

            No such luck

            Anyway save that recipe for us Marty
            I’ll demo it for the Bakesheet followers
            ( Whenever I get around t’it)
            Things that look like Cake

            Dark chocolate yeah?

          2. Martco

            the lamb is one I’ve had since my teens from herself…foolproof

            the tart is Jamie Oliver – see Jamie’s Kitchen isbn 0 718 14564 X

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Bringing risk back into play time.

    ” Four years ago, for instance, teachers at the Richmond Avenue Primary and Nursery School looked critically around their campus and set about, as one of them put it, “bringing in risk.”

    Out went the plastic playhouses and in came the dicey stuff: stacks of two-by-fours, crates and loose bricks. The schoolyard got a mud pit, a tire swing, log stumps and workbenches with hammers and saws. ”

    This is great news, particularly for a young boys’ development which has been pushed aside by schools for too long.
    More of this! :)


    1. Frilly Keane

      Ya know
      I’ve a buddy that has her own crèche with pre-school
      She’s going over 20ys and it’s pretty high profile here in the area

      When she started out she used to have animals
      Like rabbits and hampsters
      Doggies cats
      Chickens and goats
      There was even a donkey at one stage
      Most of them rescues
      And all well cared for and appropriately accommodated
      She also had a fabulous tank with an incredible tropical fish population; even sea horses

      They all had to go with Heath n’ Safety
      Hygiene control etc
      Ridiculous really

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Are we some lucky we have a Police force so intelligent that they have stopped the Russians, where theUK police force couldn’t?

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Didn’t know you were a fan of his. I guess, whether Far-right or Far-left they’re both authoritarian so, you, as a Maoist like cheerleader, you should be comfortable with that… I guess.

        Dunno what you be on about with the genocide stuff…. :)

        1. Nigel

          Bannon isn’t far-right. Bannon was in the Trump administration. That’s mainstream right. That’s the right in power right now. But some woman in San Francisco is running a workshop, it’s probably all her fault.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            No, she’s just some deluded Muppet trying g to cash in on regressive identity politics fuelled by hate and victimhood culture :) The deluded are easily lead,in fairness.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            Also, even CBS says Bannon is a “threat to mainstream Republicans” but hey, you know best Nigel, because you know how to label those you don’t agree with, and lump them into groups. it’s the way of the Left these days, and again I say… even Chomsky says this.

          3. Nigel

            And of course he’s a threat to mainstream Republicans. He and Trump and Spencer and all those other feckers ate them alive. Mainstream Republicanism is a hollowed-out shell now.

          4. Clampers Outside!

            Although, the first bit… if you acknowledge he’s a “threat” to the mainstream Republicans, that’d mean he’s not mainstream surely… yeah?
            Are you changing position on that?

          5. Nigel

            It’s more subtle than that, Clamps. Mainstream republicanism and the far-right are becoming indistinguishable, and the triumph of Trump is merely the latest culmination of that ongoing process.

          6. Clampers Outside!

            Your myopia is understandable, most hard lefties like yourself cannot distinguish anything to their Right from each other. Everything Right is put in extremes, as you do and have done here, admitting you find them indistinguishable is proof enough of that, in fairness.

          7. Nigel

            Also you should learn the difference between admitting something and arguing something, that was a cringeworthy effort.

          8. Clampers Outside!


            it’s getting late, and the feckin’ heat on this bus is making me nauseous… need to put the phone down, an’ put the head back for a bit…
            ‘night for now !

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Nidge regularly backs regressive actions to enforce conformity, like those mentioned, rather than backing the basic tenets of a free society, such as, freedom of speech.
            Nidge also judges people as identity groups rather than individuals judged on their character.
            And lastly, Nidge backs the shaming tactics employed by those regressive supporters of identity politics, similar to the shaming tactics of China used to control the population under Mao. He’s a regressive, as he supports regressive practices, aware of it or not, simple as really.
            And it is no big secret, Nidge supports ANTIFA, another regressive Far-left group of thugs who see Nazis everywhere :)

          2. Yep

            Full disclosure, I don’t agree with either of you in these “battles” you tend to have on the weekend but for some reason I end up reading them.

            This is in no way poopin on ye Clampers. Do you understand your tone comes across as patronising and in some cases mocking? Do you understand that bringing Mao into it makes your comment seem as ridiculous as someone accusing you of being a Nazi or Facist?

            You joke that you don’t really care and it’s just a laugh but if you were honest you would admit you do actually care.

            And if Nidge reads this…Did you read the memo from Damore and do you understand the circumstances in which he produced it? To think he should have lost his job over it is something I think most rational people can’t get behind.

            Also, ANTIFA are really not a group to get behind….IMO

            I’m now going to crowbar my way out of the conversation…

          3. Clampers Outside!

            Fair cop most of that, but nothing wrong with mocking the ridiculousness of “europeans who become white” in ALL truth and honesty :)

            How does one “become white” :) Laugh out loud nonsense, made for mockery and ridicule.

            I never intended any patronising, and don’t see where i have done so…. *squints quizzically*

          4. Clampers Outside!

            Just as a note to that, I said “Maoist like” intentionally, to show that Nigel is pushing ideas not unlike Mao did. I stopped short of calling him a Commie because I don’t believe Nigel would support Communism regardless of how Far-left the ideas and/or groups he supports do go.
            He may call me ‘far right’ or ‘altright’ or ‘nazi’ / ‘nazi sympathiser’ but I honestly believe Nigel himself doesn’t believe that…. I could be wrong on that, but I don’t think so… :)

          5. Nigel

            I don’t really do any of those things but Clamps isn’t a pereceptive reader or a clear thinker so I actually don’t hold much of this nonsense against him. Quite fond of him actually.

          6. Nigel

            That you think I have done any of those things really just demonstrates your capacity for reading what’s in your head, not on the screen,

          7. Nigel

            Important example: I have never called you a Nazi or a Nazi sympathiser, even as a joke. A person who was less fond of your silly ways might accuse you of lying here, but I know you’re just ridiculously careless.

          8. Nigel

            Only if you actually care to back up your mischaracterisations with linked quotes. Otherwise you probably shouldn’t bother. Certainly don’t do it on my account.

          1. Nigel

            do believe in it I literally just invented it and I have every faith in it growing up and getting out into the the world and doing well for itself. I BELIEVE IN YOU LI’L NEOLOGISM!

        1. realPolithicks

          Clampers you’re now the classic angry white guy wingnut constantly scrolling through the most obscure sources looking for something to be “outraged” about. Maybe you should spend less time riding the “bus” you’re always talking about and get out into the real world.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            I’m on buses because I don’t drive.

            Where do buses go but all round the country, outside, so not sure what you’re attempting to be witty about, but it’s fallen flat, clearly :)

            Thanks for the input all the same.

          2. Raven

            realpolitik, Clampers made one of the sweetest comments over the weekend, on yesterday’s paper thread, after posting the video of the little girl that burst in on her father’s live interview. I for one, appreciated his humour and soft side, the rest of the comments were mainly on the abortion issue, I welcomed the breather from it all.

          1. Nigel

            Then the far right has control of the Republican Party, which controls all three branches of the US government. But there’s a workshop about becoming white. Terrible.

      2. Clampers Outside!

        On another note, re UK Labour, will you, Nigel be having a go at Corbyn for his membership of a racist, xenophobic, Holocaust deniers Facebook group for over two years?

        Like, how demonstrable do his actions have to be to show that he is a regresssive anti-Semite…. I do wonder :)

        1. Nigel

          I’ve been leery of UK Labour for years now thanks to criticism, from the left, of an ugly anti-semitic streak. However, considering last week Corbyn was being smeared as a Russian double agent or something, I remain skeptical, since this could be another smear. I don’t particularly like or trust Corbyn, so there’s that.

          This is nice. You so rarely seem to care about what I actually think. *sob* we never talk anymore.

          Now you have a go at Trump for being a racist, sexist, serial harasser and abuser, a corrupt populist mediocrity neck-deep in money laundering and relying on a hard-right xenophobic rump base and a craven Republican base to ignore every horrible thing he does and continue their support of him. I mean, since we’re demanding responses about stuff.

          1. Nigel

            No, thank you, and people like you, and Trump voters. Stop blaming others for the things you did of your own free will.

          2. Nigel

            Hey, you added your tiny insignificant voice to the chorus. Don’t see why you should be let off the hook for that just because you’re tiny and insignificant.

  4. david

    I see the Russians are spying on our high tech
    We really are self deluded
    What next putin abusing our kids

      1. :-Joe

        Ireland as a nation that can be used as a test bed for cyber warfare… apparently, ticks a lot of boxes.

        Neutral foreign policy…
        No real system in place for online defense…
        No military force or technology worth worrying about in case of a counterstrike….
        Small population on a relativeley remote island so very little threat….
        Various links to UK, EU, US through the state and private companies…

        etc. etc. I suppose it’s much like everywhere else when dealing with advanced technology as a threat or a weapon and not just for spying.. It’s not just the Russians that are all over our networks, devices and public / private data…

        The UK, US, Israel, Iran, UAE, India, Pakistan, China, Romania etc. etc.. etc. and that’s just state sponsored activity, nevermind the thousands of rogue criminals or independent groups and individual hackers either white or black-hat.

        The US / Israel have worked on embedded malware that’s been intentianally spread all over the planet into millions of devices infecting the infrastructure of whole soverign states most notably because of factual evidence of it’s use in Iran and Japan with STUXNET.

        It’s possible to just turn off the infrastructure of a whole nation state as if you were flipping a few switches to turn off electricity in your home before bed and do it within a few hours.

        You can find out more about it here from this fairly easy to understand mainstream but very well made documentary by Alex Gibney called “Zero Days”.

        All this has been going on for years, it’s the new 21st century cold war that nobody seems to notice and nobody is talking much about in the mainstream media, mostly because of being to busy binge-watching Netflix and super-hero films or pseudo-intellectual YT videos and digging up classic sci-fi re-runs of terminator and so on…

        …would ya look at the bleedin’ irony on tha !….

        Sarah Connor?…


  5. Frilly Keane

    What more would ya want from a Broadsheet Sunday

    Clamps and Nidgie squaring off
    All we’re short is “Salmon Charger” to remember some of his logins

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