‘Solution Is Simpler’


“How have we all ended up working for free for waste collection firms?” asks John McManus, as he takes on the task as an “unpaid rubbish sorter” in an effort to avoid being fined.

Perhaps there is an opportunity for a wheelie-bin gig economy start-up to step in and help your columnist and others sort out this mess, but the solution is simpler: avoid creating and buying so much disposable rubbish in the first place.

Until that happens, there will be a far higher toll to be paid by all of us in the long run. – Yours, etc,

Judith Goldberger,
Dublin 4.

Sorting rubbish (The Irish Times letters page)


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10 thoughts on “‘Solution Is Simpler’

  1. wellllllllll

    Was in San Francisco for ten weeks in the mid 90s – my host family had as I recall four or even five separate kinds of recyclable material boxes to leave outside for collection.

    tiny hassle really

    1. realPolithicks

      Times have changed, I live in Brookline Massachusetts and we put all of our recyclables in one big blue bin and the waste company sorts it out. Having said that I do believe that its time to put more pressure on the companies that manufacture goods to package them in a much more enviromentally friendly way and not put all of the onus on the consumer to deal with it. Lets try to create less plastic to begin with rather than having to deal with it down the line.

  2. dhaughton99

    This is the future. A kind of Seetec solution.

    “She received one fine of £300 for the offence and a second £300 fine for not having a waste disposal contract in place. Based in Basingstoke, Hampshire 3GS claims to be a “reputable” and “ethical” firm providing services such as environmental and parking enforcement to councils and private companies.”

    “It provides the services free of charge to the council and raises its revenue through levying fines on the public.”


    1. martco

      agree, this is certainly how things are supposed to go over here eventually & we will enable it like dopes on a rope unless resisted

  3. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    And yet the Irish Times contains to publish missives from “readers” saying how much they missed getting the recycle-required print edition of their beloved Presbyterian Notes vehicle daily during the recent bad weather. How about the Irish Times helps out by printing across the top – PUT THIS NEWSPAPER IN THE GREEN BIN. READING NOT REQUIRED.

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