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Ryan Tubridy, of RTE Radio One, at Cheltenham this week

Aaron Rogan, of The Times Ireland edition, reports:

The Ryan Tubridy Show has defended its failure to tell listeners that yesterday’s broadcast, which featured an interview with Paddy Power, was sponsored by the bookmaker.

The RTÉ Radio 1 programme was broadcast live from Cheltenham at the expense of the gambling giant.

After the 9.30am news Tubridy interviewed Paddy Power but did not say that the company had paid for the production team to travel to and broadcast from the festival.

The company last week sponsored a competition on the programme for listeners to win a trip to the event.

Tubridy’s Paddy Power interview was not advertising, RTÉ insists (Aaron Rogan, The Times Ireland edition)

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15 thoughts on “Advertoral Latest

  1. Diddy

    These gambling boyos need to be reigned in and placed on the naughty step with tobacco. Gamble if you want to but no advertising anywhere…

  2. Frilly Keane

    WHAT DA’ …
    ye know the last bit

    I heard this yesterday and thought he was feckin Ted’s guest over there

    The miserable grubby tramps
    and you can be sure PPs put up Ted and his gang as well

    Conflict of Interest lads
    tis everywhere

  3. anne

    I think this is a major problem. There’s lots of young men coming forward saying they were hooked on gambling.

    It should be taxed to the hilt and not advertised anywhere.

  4. Truth in the News

    The so called Public Service Broadcaster” sponsorship and advertising protocol needs a formal offical
    examination, the weather forecast is sponsored, the main news slots are bombarded with adds, and
    then their is the phone in competitions and wait for it the Dept of Communications pay for adds on RTE
    demanding you pay a TV licence which should be abolished, RTE is operation since the last day of 1961
    if they cant stand on their feet after 55 years, its time the outfit was reorganised and a lot crap and dead
    wood removed…..and means the likes Turbidy, Finucan plus the rest, there is a lot better talent out there
    and RTE have done nothing to encourage them or give them a chance.

    1. Lilly

      Finucane could retire. Tubs could retrain as a librarian. There ya go, sorted. I should have been a career guidance counselor.

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