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  1. Clampers Outside!

    Why does the Mirror never appear… just wondering.

    As always, I do appreciate the back office staff working late in BS Towers to put these together everyday :)

    Have a great Paddy’s Day weekend y’all !

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      When you get to my age a mirror is the last thing you want to see in the morning….

    1. GiggidyGoo

      We are talking about Varadkar, FG here. They can’t even lie properly. Varadkar is a boy that hasn’t a hope ever of being taken seriously. And the other, Boy Harris, did his usual Trudeau impersonation yesterday trying to defend his taller idiot.

          1. stupidoulwan

            @Giggidy/Anne the records show that Taoiseach Varadkar then Tourism Minister wrote to Fáilte Ireland in accordance with his statutory duty as Minister to report a stakeholder’s concern about a possible impact on the tourism industry.

            What is your problem with the truth?

          2. GiggidyGoo

            @Taunton. You’re asking a question of me that no one knows the answer to, and you think youre being clever somehow? Boy, have FG their work cut out with quality of staff. Although, you may know. In that case, maybe you’ll also provide us with tonight’s winning lottery numbers, or the winners of this years all ireland.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            @Stupidoulwan. So which of the ‘stories’ would you like us to believe? The one that he told in full view of the world media, or the one that Shaun The Sheep, who follows Leo The Lamb everywhere, has his name on a supposed copy of an email.

            You see, stupidaulwan, Varadkar has told a lie (probably more than one, but definitely at least one) and you defend that. Anybody?

          4. stupidoulwan

            @ Giggidy/Anne – He told a lie now did he?
            Yesterday you were telling us it was evidence of corruption!

            By the way there’s no evidence he told a lie either. He might have simply mis-remembered what happened as often happens when delivering an off the cuff anecdote in front of a whole bunch of people.

            You simple-minded folk can’t keep track of your own conspiracy theories. Maybe martco can bake you a few hash brownies?

          5. GiggidyGoo

            @Taunton ‘We can all agree….’ ROFL. Would you ever cop on to yourself. First you ask a silly question, then you make an even sillier statement. The SCU must be in dire need.

          6. GiggidyGoo

            @stupidoulone. Misremembered? But he told the same story to time magazine a few years ago. He lied. Plain and simple. You can try dress it up any way you like. He is Leo The Liar.

          7. anne

            You’d be better off not responding to Sybil above there. ( Sybil was a movie with Sally Field where she played a character with Multiple personalities) He think you’re me btw. A compliment of sorts I suppose. :-)

          8. stupidoulwan

            Poor old Giggidy/Anne

            Fair point

            For you to be one person with ‘multiple’ personalities there would have to be evidence of A personality to begin with! Guilty as charged!

            Sad to see as soon as your bullpoo claims of corruption were called out for the BS they are you resort to immediately attacking the messenger
            Lean ar aghaidh
            Maith an fear Anne!

          9. GiggidyGoo

            @stupidaulwan You’re in a bit of a tizzy today (not that it’s any different from yesterday or before that). You accused me above of saying what Varadkar was at as corruption. Look back. Nowhere did I say that. Link please. Now suddenly i’m Ann? Or Matco?. You’re being called out once again, and you’re still struggling. I’d hand in my notice to the spin unit if I were you, before they fire you.

          10. Taunton

            You are well able to dish out the abuse but not able to take it in the slightest, one thin skinned little communist.

          11. Taunton

            Show one post where I have defended him.

            You always jump to the defense of that communist Giggidy. Is Giggidy the big spoon to you little spoon

          12. jusayinlike

            stupidaulwan = anyone, Warden of the snort, Pat Kenny’s wife, Ami B, Go A Way, nasty commenter, know man is an island

            etc etc etc..


          13. GiggidyGoo

            @Taunton. I doubt you could even do even a 5m run somehow. All that baggage you carry. Gas when you’re called out again and again, all you can do is call people names. Toddle along lad.

          14. jusayinlike

            Taunton, can you explain why you think he’s a communist?

            And can you explain why you oppose criticism of Varadkar, and why you ask people who they’re preferred candidate for taoiseach is when they critique Varadkar?

            Would you not consider that to be defending Varadkar?

          15. Taunton

            Not people, just Giggidy.

            Giggidy is a gutter snip, just hurls abuse and produces nothing but noise.

            I can’t understand why you often jump to Giggidys defense and aplaude every utterance like a giddy sycophant of some kiddy band.

          16. jusayinlike

            I’ve asked you reasonable questions which you didn’t answer, you then hurled insults and accused someone else of blowing noise, your starting to stretch credibility tbf..

          17. Elastic

            Shouldn’t you lads be in the journal or politics.ie?

            It’s st Patrick’s day for pity’s sake give it a rest!

  2. Telegraph

    Journalists on the junket to the States are more concerned tweeting images of themselves having the craic. They are giving him an easy time. So what he said in his speech was what exactly? True or false?
    Oh, and Leo, if Pence didn’t insist on your partner being invited this year, I wouldn’t bother going visiting him next year.
    But didn’t Leo already say some months ago that his partner wouldn’t be going on official visits anywhere?

    1. Lilly

      I’m guessing his partner has his own career and can’t be at Leo’s side for the endless engagements. (Although if it had been me, I’d have made an exception for the White House gig.)

      1. anne

        Strange that you dont see the partner at all isn’t it?

        Like how long are they together? Did they just meet down the back of the George a few months ago or something? If they’re together a while, I don’t see why he’s not with him the odd time even.
        I’m not really feeling the proud bit from Leo.

        Has the spin machine decided the Irish can’t handle the gay or something?

        It’s all a bit fupped up.

        1. Paddy Keane

          Cheezus Christ
          The lad isn’t even based here
          Dr Mattie is finishing off a specialist Cardiology residency in Chicago
          So he can become Mister Mattie without any doubts

          Fair play t’him
          he’s getting on with his own profession
          In the same way as anyone not connected to a high profile anything
          Or obliged by their partner, spouse or other family conditions or restrictions

          I’d be a long time looking around here to find another comment as ignorant, as backward and as intolerant as that.

          FFS- back of the George ?!?!
          You should be on a nearby podcast with that sorta talk and instinct

          1. stupidoulwan

            Well said, I’ve never read such ardently wretched homophobic, bogger ignorant drivel

          2. anne

            What’s wrong with saying I’d like to see a gay leader of a country actually be out & about with his partner?

            I don’t give a flying fiddlers how you want to take that.

            He can’t be in Chicago all the time.

            The back of the George is a joke you auld hag. Like how a straight woman or man might meet someone in the likes of thst poo hole -Coppers or some of the usual places people hook up. I was asking if it’s not casual why isn’t he seen with him? I think it’s a fair enough question.

            Bertie wasnt married and we were inflicted with that auld bag he was with. Why not Leo? Stop twisting what I’m saying Frilly Mean, no skinny Jeans will fit my lard as*.

          3. Frilly Keane

            Lard As*
            Ould Hag
            Ould Bag
            Gay Leader

            Between the name calling and
            Insisting on introducing the unnecessary sexuality identity as if it matters
            Ah here’ you definitely need your tribe around you

            Seriously Ann
            You are actually trolling your own thick stereotype

            I don’t mind btw
            I find it entertaining

            For everyone else tho’:
            Our current Taoiseach is on a work trip
            He may or may not be joined by his partner
            Who just happens to be a surgeon with a career of their own
            That’s all there is to see here

            How they met
            Who gives a rhymes with múck
            Although I’d say they met in College or when they were doing their rotations

          4. anne

            What tribe? Here you go again with the fake indignation, getting your knickers in a twist over nothing.

            He is gay & I’m allowed say it..so fupp you.

            & don’t tell me what I can and cant say.

            I don’t give a fiddlers if he’s partner is doing rotations or in Chicago or in Timbucktoo.

            Leo Vladkar won’t be seen at any official engagement with his partner.. and I’m allowed say I think he should & people need to deal with it. You go & twist that into me somehow being a homophobe all you like, frilly- mean, no skinny jeans will go up me ankles.

          5. some old queen

            At what point was there such focus on Bertie Ahern, the last single Taoiseach? I know your intentions are good Anne but he is not married so stop projecting.

        2. some old queen

          Why should his partner be anybody’s business but his? Were people digging around in Bertie Ahern’s private life in such a way? And to be honest, I wouldn’t have known Kenny’s wife if she stepped out in front of me.

          But, I have no doubt that some would view his boyfriend’s appearances as rubbing their noses in it because despite all the advances, there are quite a lot of people who still have issues with homosexuality. I tried to work for someone like that last year. I had to leave the job. Believe me, it still exists.

          1. some old queen

            Well the back of the George was a cheap shot but there is some validity in the anti gay comment.

            In my own case, it is impossible to explain the anger and frustration when faced with such people. That no matter how competent you are and no matter how hard you try; you will never win those sorts over. It is extremely hurtful and for what? Something which has absolutely no relevance to how you do your job.

          2. some old queen

            Yes cheap shot. An taoiseach cruising slappers would also be of course.

            How do you defy time when posting btw?

          3. anne

            Is that for me? Defy time? I’m not Stephen Hawkings reincarnated or anything.

            I don’t care where Leo met his partner. But it’d be nice to see them out for a walk together even. He’s too concerned with his image & losing votes for that though.

        3. Paddy Keane

          Ah c’mere OAP Queen
          You were doing enough talking out’ve turn there yerself over on that Brexit thread
          Introducing sexuality to make a point
          Whether you’re right or wrong
          Is a flimsy argument, and imo,

          1. some old queen

            Err I didn’t sexuality into this thread, Anne did. Can you explain to me how discussing the private life of any gay person cannot include sexuality btw?

            If I spoke out of turn as you put it, it is up to the moderators to remove such comments, which they did not.

          2. Paddy Keane

            The Brexit thread, like I said in my 5.47 pm post

            Breaking Brexit I think
            We were talking about curly hair
            And you decided sexuality needed to be introduced

            I’ll grab a screen shot for ya

          3. Shayna

            @Some Old Queen, I, unlike Anne have no control over time/space continuum – I don’t know where this comment will end up and/or make sense consequently? The Gay Man in charge of Ireland turns up in Washington DC, does the bit with the shamrocks with POTUS for the cameras, then meets VEEP, no media, no partner on his arm – to meet and have talks with an infamously homophobic type?. Fair play to An Taoiseach for being out – but it’s a tad on the disappointing side of things when he turns up at State Visits flying solo.
            (Also Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)

          4. Martco

            “then meets VEEP, no media”

            – all fairness I’d say that particular idea was more for Pence’s benefit than any idea of #pisstaketaoiseach or any of his 100 or so entourage of overpaid #pisstake ing entourage. didn’t want to be seen with him…for entirely wrong reason though.

            lovely day today despite cold Siberian winds….what a famous win against the auld enemy(admired their effort tho)!

          5. Lilly

            He mentioned in an interview that he was going to march in the NY parade today with his partner.

          6. some old queen

            @Shayna On one hand Leo was criticised as being a one trick pony for visiting the Stonewall bar while on the other for not dragging the +1 around to prove a point.

            No matter what he done, he wasn’t going to please everyone but even this conversation has a homophobic tinge because if he was srt8, it wouldn’t be happening.

            The current American administration is not exactly known as LGBT friendly and it is only a couple of years since we have been allowed to march in NYC so IMO, just being there, as himself, was good enough.

          7. anne

            So we can’t talk about acceptance of the gay & it has a tinge of homophobia?

            Did I word that ok? We can’t joke about The George is it?

            If Leo had a missus you know she’d be there comparing recipes with your wan Melanie.

            Why can’t he bring his boyfriend? It’s not good enough that he’s just accepted there, IMO.

          8. Elastic

            Totally agree with SOQ

            Why do we need to have any analysis wherever our leaders are doing their jobs abroad whether they are accompanied by their family members?

  3. Walter Ego

    So, Leo’s a liar. Who’d have thunk it?
    Like Enda’s 2 pints man. Figments of their over inflated ego’s.
    Even Leos communication units dishwasher can’t spin this one.

  4. Clampers Outside!

    I see @RealLiamNeeson had his Twitter account suspended for tweeting a Taken parody of “I will find you and I will kill you” if you use “St Patty’s Day” in place of St Paddy’s Day….

    LOL! Twitter pffft! :) G’wan the Liam!

    Anyone seen his original tweet? :)

  5. f_lawless

    The latest from Craig Murray on the “Novichok” case. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2018/03/of-a-type-developed-by-liars/
    “I have now received confirmation from a well placed FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) source that Porton Down scientists are not able to identify the nerve agent as being of Russian manufacture, and have been resentful of the pressure being placed on them to do so.”
    I notice he’s being subjected to a torrent of online attacks for his posts – one of which he repiles to on Twitter:
    “When you have worked in the FCO for 22 years, been a member of its senior management structure for 7, and been a British Ambassador, you can cast aspersions on my FCO contacts. Until then you look petty and stupid”

    1. stupidoulwan

      Interesting f_lawless.

      So many theories flying about on this one including that Putin is a puppet of criminal gangs in the Kremlin.

    2. Nigel

      I guess that means this isn’t any sort of ‘official’ British government secret service scam because if it was they’d have that ID’d and sourced lickety split. Scratch one conspiracy theory.

      1. jusayinlike

        Nigel did you find that link to the Russian election meddling you were speaking of yday? Would you post it up by any chance?

        1. Nigel

          Yes I did. No. Find your own. It’s mine. It’s secret. You’ll never find it never ever ever! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        1. f_lawless

          this is curious indeed.
          Charles Shoebridge, former Scotland Yard detective and counter terrorism intelligence officer, on Twitter:
          “For 20 years almost nobody heard of Novichok. Then in Nov 2017 in a UK TV drama a Russian scientist used it to kill his colleagues. Just weeks later, UK alleged was used on Skripal … Coincidence? Perhaps, but which most UK media have avoided any mention of”
          TV clip here: https://twitter.com/Syricide/status/974973177876099072
          As Broadsheet might say, mad coincidence or some kind of sinister “predictive programming? You decide!
          Meanwhile, more from Murray: “The line that novichoks can only be produced by Russia is now proven to be a complete lie… If Iran can make a novichok, so can a significant number of states”

          1. Nigel

            This seems like a lot of work and reaching to suggest it wasn’t Putin. ‘Frequency of mentions on British television’ is that submissable evidence?

          2. f_lawless

            sounds like you’re reaching yourself there Nigel. Using a TV show as evidence to mount a case against Theresa May’s statement in the House of Commons would be a bit silly when there’s already hard facts out there proving that the nerve agent could have come from any number of states.

  6. david

    Then varadka in his speech states categorically remembering the incident that he did ring the council
    Why would he lie in a broadcast to the whole world?

    1. Paddy Keane

      He was showing off in a posh bhoy with an inferiority complex way

      He was acting like a Fresher trying to make a name for himself around campus

  7. jusayinlike

    Congratulations to Ireland rugby for kicking the daylights out of England on Paddy’s day..

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