One Room House


Designed by Tato Architects within the confines of a narrow metal shell on a restricted plot in Osaka, Japan, One Room House is a continuous, unpartitioned spiral of corrugated metal platforms supported by steel beams and  pipes.

Forget privacy, but the expanse of white metal is partly softened by wooden steps that join each tier of the house, terminating in a roof garden.


4 thoughts on “One Room House

  1. pity

    But where do they keep their clothes? Their books? Their pots? Herbs? Cutlery? Clock? Radio…

    1. david

      The solution for Ireland for those who cannot afford social housing
      I am sure they could construct all of them in china for around 3000 euro a unit then ship them in and provide them for all at a cost of 300000 euros a Pop
      imagine the profit for the developers in rip off ireland

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