Culture Shock


Sinéad Mercier tweets:

Some beautiful 1969/1961/1987 pictures of the Cumberland Street market due for de-designation by Dublin City Council if no submissions are made to protect it by 28 March. A central part of women and ordinary people’s history in the inner city.

MORE: The Council Has Proposed The Shutting Down Of One Of The City’s Oldest Markets (Dublin Enquirer)

10 thoughts on “Culture Shock

    1. scottser

      everything – i once picked up a hammond organ for a 20 quid which i salvaged for the amp and leslie speaker. heavy b@stard of a thing, but i digress. i did my anthropology thesis on that market back in 1999. it was fascinating in a way to see how a commodity’s value changes from having definite cash price at 8am, a negotiable worth at 10am, and functional use to whoever wants it at noon. i didn’t know it was still going but it’s great oul craic, if you’ve never been.

        1. scottser

          it sure is brother. i’ve never come across anyone else who read about it – i’m fistbumping you right now :)

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